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Cover Song: Come Back To Me

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Link here in case the embedding doesn’t work.. T_T

LOL.. so here’s my first ever cover song.. it’s Se7en’s Come Back To Me English Version.. hmm.. comments are all welcome.. constructive criticisms and the like.. hehe.. >.< please don’t bash me.. huhuhu… T_T im trying my best with the equipment available to me…

hehe.. ^_^

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Se7en – Come Back To Me [english version]

Come Back To Me [English version] ~ Se7en

So hard not to think about it
It’s every step I take
And heaven knows I’m trying
But it gets awfully hard
When your heart is this broken

Visions of your lovely face
As I awake, I have this feeling
That you’re here and beside me
How silly of me, I know

all the pain will go away
so I say it, here I am again
I gotta face another day
I’m so tired, I need u once again oh baby

How am I suppose to carry on,
I find myself singing the same old song
If you hear me, have it in ur heart
but please come back to me (oh baby)

I’ll be right here if you need someone
If you hold another I’ll be moving on
As easy as said
Just hope that I can see the road

Oh how it’s been so long
It seems a lifetime passed
These memories that linger,
soon as I think they have gone
they only gotten stronger

And so I’m getting through a day
but every move was made was always you and I together
It’s hard to believe im lonely

Is there gonna be a day
I can see the word to make me better
I know there has to be a way
So if you listen and hear me out, oh baby

How am I suppose to carry on,
I find myself singing the same old song
If you hear me, have it in your heart
but please come back to me (oh baby)

I’ll be right here if you need someone
if u hold another one i’ll be moving on
as easy as said
just hope that i can see the road


one two three four five six seven


when you hear seven turn it up
you’re one in a million,
dunno how we got so wrong
I thought it was so simple then
now I know, now I know, how it goes
to let it go

Can there be a chance for you and I?
Before I really make up my mind
oh how I miss you
I never would kiss you
I’m speaking it from my heart

How am I suppose to carry on,
I found myself singing the same old song
If you hear me, have it in you heart

I’ll be right here if you need someone
if you hold another I’ll be moving on
just hope that I can see the road
come back to me baby


well… i’ve been browsing through my favorites in youtube and i stumbled upon Xman with DBSK’s Yunho and Jaejoong as guests.. i watched Jaejoong as he sang a rock song and then a country song.. i then saw in the related videos side bar se7en’s performance at that time.. he did the handstand and the back flip so perfectly that he got 7 out of 7 votes… hahaha.. he’s so good and his dancing really is something… to watch the clip in youtube, click here.. credits goes to the uploader of the vid coolsmurf…

and so i started going over my piles of videos on se7en… and my account is a mess and i remember doing a blog about him the semester before… and i figured that it was on my other blog.. so i browsed through that one too and stumbled upon one of my favorite songs from him which is Come Back To Me… i liked both versions, the korean and english.. it’s just that at that time, i wasn’t into the korean language yet so i basically fell in love with his english version most probably because i wasn’t expecting him to speak great english but surprisingly, and much to my amazement, he does pronounce well.. ^-^

and so it’s like this… i used to like him so much especially after watching Prince Hours [Goong S] where he was the lead character.. it was not as good as it’s predecessor which is princess hours since that show became such a hit and because kim jeong hoon is there and i lurv him so much… and ok im blabbing so back to the topic… but i do think he did well in that series alongside his other costars.. i personally liked the girls.. just because the main girl was cute and the other girl was a familiar face and i really really like her.. i sorry i don’t really know their names so well.. this post is what i call an impromptu post that i just type and type and therefore, i don’t research for their names.. but i might follow up this post and be clear on their names next time.. [though i doubt i would be able to do that since my mood changes so often T_T]… edit: ok… i know the girl’s name… Park Shin Hye~~ haha… i love the girl coz she’s so pretty… watch this vid.. it’s like a tribute to the series and i loved how se7en placed the necklace on her.. even though they’re not the main couple, anything involving Park Shin Hye becomes interesting for me.. she’s a good actress…

and i’ve watched some vids of se7en dancing since he’s so good at it.. and he’s 2 years younger than Rain… that much i know… LOL… you guys should watch his MVs~~ his songs are so good and i even remember having a chat with my dayzer friend igy.. he gave me a link to two guys dancing Se7en’s Passion since he said that they were so good and that he liked the song and i was like “i’ve heard this song before~”… LOL.. and in the end, i bombarded him with links to se7en’s dances.. haha…

PASSION MV – i promise that this song has been in my playlist for a good amount of time.. it just got stuck in my head and his dance moves are so great and i still can’t believe he can do handstands with such ease…

PASSION LIVE RADIO STATION – OH MY GAWD.. you absolutely really as in REALLY have to watch this cuteness and coolness clip~~ he sings live in the radio station and then he does this random cool things like use the megaphone for his beatbox.. and then when he removed his headphones and started dancing to the song and does his handstand and the girl MC of the radio show was like saying “waaaah~~” to the mic that se7en put down..

Aitai MV – you have to see this if you’re into hana kimi japan… the guy here is yamamoto yusuke.. you know, the guy with the ghost thing going on.. nakatsu’s room mate~~ ^_^ basically, the vid’s about a girl who’s insecure about her new haircut.. lol… but hearing se7en sing in japanese is not bad… i actually like it.. and yes, it’s also the first time i’ve heard this song… haha… i kinda stumbled upon this earlier.. it’s a slow song and this kinda showcases that he has a nice voice..

COME BACK TO ME [korean version] – i absolutely love this song.. i first heard this a year ago.. and now that i suddenly remember him again.. and saw the lyrics.. i was like ” I STILL KNOW THE SONG~~”.. i guess it’s really been stuck to my head.. considering that i used to sing this to someone.. but now i’m good.. haha.. i’ve embedded the english version along with the lyrics so watch it.. aarrghhh… i can’t take it off my head… [how am i supposed to carry on~~ i’ve found myself singing the same old song~~] ok imma stop singing right now and continue with the post…

Lalala MV – another slow song but is definitely dancable.. though this is not one of my favorites.. i still wanted to include this coz of the jap version..

Lalala [jap version] – because japanese is one of my fave languages… haha…

I KNOW MV – i love this song too.. it’s like whenever passion comes up, nan arayo always comes second… also wicked dancing in this mv.. so random.. LOL.. he does the back flip here..

One More Time MV – uhmm.. just watch it.. also not one of my faves but still worth watching..

PASSION and I KNOW [LIVE PERFORMANCE] – at first, there was a technical problem since the song stopped and repeat… but he kept his school and was so professional.. LOL… he’s good and he did the handstand and flip so freaking perfectly…

ok.. so before i wrap this up, watch this vid where he performs “oh no” and he has Big Bang as his back up dancers.. i think this was when they were still a group of 6 but then the other one was too shy on stage so they became five.. im not really sure though…

FUN FACT: I was obsessed with Se7en before i was obsessed with Super Junior and DBSK~~ actually, at first i liked Rain since he dances so well but then Se7en comes prancing in my desktop pc and starts overwriting my Rain files.. so there… i do admit that rain still is better in dancing but in the overall package.. i think i’ll give it to Se7en… im so biased since se7en sang my fave song [come back to me]… LOL~~ but really now, se7en just oozes with charisma and you never get tired of watching him dance.. and he really performs live so well~~ i have to give this to YG entertainment.. they have a really great talent…

i heard he’s going to perform in the US so i wish him the very best..

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