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Weeeek – NewS

aaaaaaah!!! NewS!!! this is the song i like the most from them… hahahaha…. the vid is from music station and they talke a little about how yamapi did a back flip after 4 years… haha… really dangerous and nishikido ryo was as handsome as ever!!! ^_____^

credits: ladytenshi01

it’s been a long time since i last listened to anything jpop… ahaahaha…. well.. i was first introduced to these guys through their jdoramas… honestly, i only know yamapi and nishikido ryo… as for the rest, i believe i have yet to get acquainted with their faces and learn their names… oh well… i guess i’ve just been missing the two so badly that’s why i searched for this song again… i do believe that this would be the first jpop boyband related post after a whole year???? ahahahaha… nah… i believe i wrote something abt Hey! Say! JUMP earlier this year… ahahaha… oh well… i love JE!!! they produce very great talent… hahaha…

Weeeek MV

credits: xzNightzx


and i do believe that i still have a crush on nishikido ryo even after seeing him play a very bad mean person in last friends.. his smile simply melts me… ^_____^

am i being pulled back to my jpop jdorama obsession?1?!?!

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