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Love Like Oxygen MV – SHINee

THE MV is OUT!!!! woooooohooooo!!

from the very first slide in this MV, my eyes are already popping out… bwahahahaha!!

all of the guys looked absolutely hot in this MV… and their outfits!! hehe… jumpers!! and their collared polo!! i guess those who will do this routine dance would have to wear those types of clothes as well and chairs included!!! ^____^ ahhhh!!!

another fantastic song by SHINee!! This new group never ceases to amaze me!! wahahaha… (almost everything amazes me!! haha) this song is stuck to my head!!! wahahaha… after noona neomu yeppeo… this is another catchy but different type of catchy song… ahahaha… it’s more, mature? isn’t it? Taemin and his new hair is just so.. uurghhh!!! lovely!!!

Taemin looked so cool and so… hot??? especially in his close ups… whahahaha….

and Onew!!! i loved his shoe brushing at the start of the MV… wahahaha… and he gave the hat concept to taemin… it’s nice to see more of his face now…

Minho and his tall stature… hahaha.. his rap is so much better here.. actually i loved the rap part of Minho, Taemin and Key here!!

Aaaaah!! Key!! still love that growling voice.. nyahahaha….

of course Jonghyun!! the jumper looks great on you… and your voice is still so great!!! amazing!!!


and here is the live performance!! yey!! they sing a part of SHINee world and then the video transitions to Love Like Oxygen… ^_____^ omo! they’re such great dancers and singers!!! ahahaha…


And CONGRATULATIONS to SHINee for winning the Hot New Artist award in Mnet!!! nyahahaha… here’s the vid, subbed by shineesubs!!! ahhh!! onew cried!!! and they thanked LSM and the other father figures around them… and of course their parents!!

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