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SBS Gayo Daejun!!! OMG!!! all the performances!!! waaaaaaaaah!!! the piano and dance battle!!! JUNSU’s piano!! i love it coz it’s white! LOL. he sang My Everything!! Donghae sang that song too!! haha. then the dance battle!! TAEMIN!! are you sure you’re just 15 years old?!?!?! ahahaha and of course Yunho and Eunhyuk are always great dancers! and to seungri and jaebum too…

THe SHINee medley was awesome!! I love this group so much that i have followed them from the very beginning!! wahahaha… and they grow up so fast!! i can’t believe 3 of them are younger than me.

The WONDER BOYS are BACK!!!! wahahaha. this time they sang Nobody and Kissing You!!! omo!! the Kissing you part was so girly with the lollipops and everything!! But the NOBODY part was so hilarious!! They performed really great but for guys to be singing that song, it made me laugh and giggle so hard!!! I LOVE THEM!!! and Taemin was so cute with Sohee’s part!!

But the main reason why i really created this post is because of DBSK!!! OMG!!! They blew me so hard!! I expected a really great performance from them and i got it plus a BONUS!!! OMG!!!!!!!! OMGEEEEEEEE!!! Have you watched it until their ending pose??? Did i just see them turn their backs and remove their clothes halfway?!?!?! omo!! are they doing this to piss off the ones who banned their song? if they are, they did great!!! hahaha.. they killed two birds in one stone!! fan service and revenge!!! wahahaha…

no pictures… too tired… hahaha… i heard there was a BOA comeback but i haven’t seen it yet… but anyways…. i’ll watch it tomorrow, when the fans have uploaded HQ of all performances… go fan clubs!! i believe in you guys!!!

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SM Town Let’s Go on a Vacation

credits: xkpopxfanx

i knew i’ve heard this song from somewhere!! coz at first i thought i got addicted to this coz i heard lee seunggi sing this at kbs… but what do i know!!! i kinda had a feeling i’ve heard this from somewhere.. and guess where????? DREAM CONCERT 08 of course!!! buhahahahaha!!! i was too preoccuppied with SuJu reuniting at that time… but yeah.. im still addicted to this catchy song…

here is the version of lee seunggi since i’ve grown to like his voice too… and this is from the dream concert!!!! ^___^

credits: sassouki04

i soooo love this song!!! expecially since SM TOWN sang this…. im so in love and amazed with this agency.. almost all of my obsessions come from them!! ^____^ and here is a live version of the song with SuJu and CSJH singing it… here

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ahahaha.. i love this song!! wahahahaha.. i think this would be number 2 in my fave DBSK ballads… number one being “TONIGHT”.. LOL… and of cours, i tried to find as many forever love vids as i can.. but it seems that it doesn’t have many uploaders unlike Tonight.. hahaha.. so anyway… it’s still my fave as of now so i will post everything i can find..

Forever Love MV

Forever Love Live

Forever Love Live

Forever Love Live (FULL song)

Forever Love with lyrics

ahahaha.. i am soooooooooooo addicted to this song right now… hay..

Romanizations: Forever Love Lyrics;

English Romanization: Thanks to my_reinbou @DBSGLJ community

massugu futari wo terashita
yuuyake kirameiteru
ima made kanjita koto nai kurai
mune no fukaku ga atsui

hitori demo heikisante
iikikase nagara
jibun ni uso wo tsuite

sugoshite kita keredo
korekara wa kimi dake wo hanasanai

nandomo nandomo okuruyo
kimi ga sagashiteiru mono
mayoi mo subete wo tokashite
ikite ikou FOREVER LOVE

sakamichi nagai kageyosete
nigitta te no kanshoku

yasashiku yawarakaku setsuna sa wo
keshite yuku mitai datta

donna mirai egaiteru no
osanai koro no kimi no sugata wo sora ni
ukabete mitsuketa ichiban boshi
ima kimi ni ageyou

nandomo nandomo utauyo
taisetsu na kimi no tameni
kono yo de hitotsu no tashikana
takara mono BELIEVE IN LOVE

You’re the only love

tatoe donna toki datte

mamori nuku jishin aru sa
kokoro ni sasatta toge wo
nuita nara dakiatte
hateshinai yume wo miyou

nandomo nandomo kanaeyou kimi ga nozomu koto subete
kono yo de hitotsu no tashikana kagayaki wo BELIEVE IN LOVE

nandomo nandomo okuruyo kimi ga sagashiteiru mono
mayoi no subete wo tokashite ikite yukou futari de

You’re the only love forever

Tohoshinki – Forever Love

The light of the dusk shines brightly on the two.
Burning hotter than ever felt before, deep inside the heart.
For a little while, I kept lying to myself that it’s ok to be alone
But now, you – I’ll never let go.
I’ll give you what you’re looking for, whenever, whenever.
Forever Love
Let’s go on together, melting away any hesitations. Forever love.
The long shadows are getting shorter.
The feeling of the hands’ caress – lovingly, softly, takes away the yearning.
What kind of a future do you imagine?
The first star I saw at dawn, as I imagined your childhood in the sky.
Now, I will give that to you.
I’ll sing for you, my precious you, whenever, whenever.
believe in love
The only treasure in the world. Believe in love.
You’re the only love, forever
I can promise you that I’ll protect you no matter what.
When we can take out the thorns in our hearts,
Let’s imagine an everlasting dream, in each other’s embrace.
I’ll give you what you want, whenever, whenever.
believe in love
Absolutely the only light in the world. Believe in love.
I’ll give you what you’re looking for whenever, whenever.
Melting away every hesitation, let’s go on, two of us, together.
You’re the only love, forever.

– Japanese lyrics & Korean translation by 라미엘 at

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KPop Dance covers

this is a video of a Brazilian group named “Group MIRAI”.. they’re now dancing to Super Junior’s U… weeeeeeeeeh!! when i first saw this vid, i was like… yay!!! if they can do it, i can do it too.. too bad i don’t have a crew.. T_T ah well… here are more vids of dance covers..

O Jung Ban Hap – Group MIRA – i totally freaked out when i watched this vid… wah! they even got the part with backup dancers… weeeh.. this totally makes me happy.. ^_^

Rising Sun – this vid is a bit low quality but they are able to dance it well…

haayyyy.. i think im just gonna edit this if i find more vids of dance covers… haha.. i wanna do my Forever Love post already.. ^_^

AAAAAAAAH.. one of the best covers of Super Junior… waaaaaaaaaah!! PANDORA!!

they are covering U here.. ^_^ and they got the rap part very good!!

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now they’re dancing to Don’t Don… waaaaah… i love this…

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and my recently favorited song of Super Junior right now… A MAN IN LOVE (THIRST)!!! waaaaaah.. i soooo love this group… waaaah… go SUPER JUNIOR!!!


yeh.. i know i embed everything.. LOL!!! hahaha.. i can get hyper sometimes… ^_^

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DBSK acapella + HUG

please work.. T_T

ahaha.. i love this video!! it’s an acapella medley of DBSK created and arranged by miuchuu4… haaay…

Songs include: Hug(Japanese), My Little Princess(Korean), My Destiny(Japanese), Somebody to Love(Japanese), Whatever They Say(Korean), In the Still of the Night(English), Unforgettable(Korean and not a cappella, but I love this song and I had to put it in here lol) <– from miuchuu4’s description of the video…

i personally love the acapella version of HUG.. ahaha.. and then there’s another video i found of them singing live for their concert.. the first part is a video presentation and the last part, they sing two acapella songs live… click here for the link..

and since i love their debut song too much.. here’s their MV.. and don’t they all look so cute??? waaaaaaaaah.. Jaejoong never fails to make my heart melt.. wahahaha…


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well.. as you all know, i’ve been to kpop lately.. and recently have been viewing various radio shows from youtube and the like.. haha.. the problem is: there’s no translations and i can’t understand korean that much… but then i love how youtube works!! ^_^ they give you a list of recommended vids based on those that you view.. and therefore, i saw SUKIRA with DBSK and also the one with SUPER JUNIOR (sungmin and kangin missing bcause they have their own radio shows to go to)… AND there are subs available!! i seriously love muishie and her works… oh wait, the one that uploaded the DBSK vids is muish.. hmm.. are they two different persons?? but i’ll credit them both anyways… okies.. i just saw that muish and muishie are the same.. ^_^ hahahaha…

Oh well.. SUKIRA is “SUper junior’s KIss the RAdio”… ahihihi.. the djs are leader Leeteuk and Eunhyuk.. ahahaha… well.. im gonna watch those vids now.. here are the links if you wanna watch too.. ^_^ these are from way back at 2006 so it’s a bit old but it’s still classic coz i love it when Hyukkie and Xiah bicker… nyahaha.. i love their love-hate relationship… Best Friends Forever!!!

SUKIRA with DBSK – i read that this was from 2006, just after the release of their third album O Jung Ban Hap and then Yunho’s accident so Yunho is not present…

part 1/part 2/part 3/part 4/part 5

SUKIRA with SUPER JUNIOR – too bad Sungmin and Kangin aren’t here… oh well, it’s still nice to see SuJu together… 13 seemed like a big number to me but then i dunno why after naming the thirteen boys, it doesn’t feel as many as i thought it was… ^_^

part 1/part 2/part 3/part 4/part 5

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Belated Happy Birthday Micky Yoochun!!

well.. as the title says.. Belated Happy Birthday to Micky Yoochun!! His birthday is on June 3.. i can’t believe i missed it… T_T huhuhu.. anyway… YOOCHUN hwaiting!!! nyahahaha…

here is Micky’s solo [One Last Night] originally sung by Brian McKnight… I read that Micky idolizes Brian McKnight… hehe.. anyway… that is just henna tattoo on his right arm… i actually thought that he kind of looked like one guy from BackStreet Boys… hmmm.. forgot his name though… anyway…

hwaaaaaaaaa… here are more vids.. some of them are already lined in my other dbsk post but it’s nice to repeat viewing cute vids of these boys…

I Knew I Loved You [with Changmin]

5 Ways to say I Love You by Micky Yoochun ^-^

Yoochun nd Junsu playing rock paper scissors

aawwwww… it’s so sad that i only posted a few vids when it’s his special day… but me so sleepy… so i’ll try to edit this when i wake up… ^-^

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