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Super Junior comeback and SNSD’s 9th

today is the comeback stage of Super Junior… and it was GREAT!!! wahahaha… but Kibum was missing… and Heechul just appeared near the end of Sorry Sorry… >.<

and meanwhile.. Girl’s Generation is still rocking the charts and just made their 9th consecutive win on Music Bank!! and its fun to hear ELF supporting the girls too… and SM Love always gets me… i want to see more interactions!!! how about a collab?? ^—-^ and Tiffany said “Listen Shawty Shawty Shawty… Super Junior’s back!”… and then the encore was fun!!! Kangin and Donghae were shouting “So Nyuh Shi Dae!” and Jessica said “Super Junior!” and i see ELF giving thuimbs up to the SM artists which is love!!! they’re finally warming up to the girls and hopefully, the girls will have lesser antis from now on… then Heechul was dancing to Gee!! ROFL! and the other guys started singing… oh.. it was so much love… ^———-^

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Dear Mom – SNSD

credits: CodeAnalysis@yt

i seriously cried when i watched this performance.. Tiffany is still sitting in this perf since she sprained her ankle.. but their vocals are so amazing.. and they said that Taeyeon cried in this performance… i really love this song… waaaaaaaaaaaah!! I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!! ^———–^

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Kara: Honey Perf

i just watched Kara’s first perf of Honey and i found it to be good.. though the steps are really really simple.. i think i will be hearing this song in my head later… Gyuri is still my fave! ^——–^

this is the MV teaser…

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SNSD pre-valentines

weeeeeeeeeeh!! i love love their latest performance most especially coz they sang kissing you again!!! though at the later part of kissing you, seohyun was out of timing since they were giving candies and shaking the fanboy’s hands…. weeeeeeeeeeeh!! it’s the first time i saw fanboys in action!!! and it was fun to hear all those deep voices!!! and the crazy spazzing by the boys…. >_________< of course because they’re seeing THE GIRL’S GENERATION… hehehe…

their Gee perf: (Tiff says “Listen Peppermint.. My First Valentines Day”)

their Come on Over Perf (Great job Taeyeon!!):

lastly, KISSING YOU!! (i missed this song!! XD and they gave away candies!! Seohyun got a bit confused in the middle with the timing.. and Sunny almost being left behind in the ending.. XD)

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