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When i gained the title of second bestfriend..

i’m pissed… and upset.. and disappointed.. and i’m FRUSTRATED!!!

a few minutes ago, i was talking to you… i know you’ve already changed your priorities ever since you got her.. i know i’ve said this to you a countless times.. “the best friend should become the second best friend”… gawd, i got that quote from Gossip Girl… and i kept on telling that to you so she’d feel special… hahaha.. so i know what i should do… i know my limits and your expectations of me.. but i didn’t know that it would feel this way when you actually said that to me..

well, yeah.. of course it came to me as a surprise when you suddenly asked if we could talk about a serious matter… and i kinda know where the talk would lead us… but i just let you talk and see how it goes… haha.. and surprise! surprise! i didn’t know hearing those words from you really put me to shame.. i know i kept nagging and asking you to show yourself to me.. but of course, that’s all because i miss my bestfriend.. i can’t express that now? *sigh* okay..

bottom line: i’m hurt.. i expected this anyway.. having a special someone really requires you to adjust to certain things which also means that i have to adjust with you too.. no more small talks.. no more last-minute gimmicks.. no more “me just dragging you along”.. no more kulitan.. no more late night calls which lasts for hours! yeah.. i’m gonna miss that..

well, i’m sure gonna miss a lot of things from now on… but above all of this, you’re still my bestfriend.. i want you to be happy.. (*eh? i sound like a mother T__T*) and whatever your decisions are, i’m gonna support you all the way.. and when you have problems, i’m still gonna be here.. haha.. i won’t throw our years of friendship away.. don’t worry..

but of course, i need some time to redigest things and adjust.. i have to condition this poor brain of mine to your liking.. haha.. isn’t it too hard to have a bestfriend like me who is such a drama queen??? *hahaha* but yeah.. we have a scripted tampuhan starting now which will last for a week.. so i won’t talk to you.. haha.. so that the next time we meet, i won’t be too clingy anymore..

you won’t be around forever.. so i need to be independent and stop relying on you too much.. haha.. but i promise that after this week long “tampo”, i’d be back to my normal self with adjustments included.. haha.. so let me be angry/mad right now… haha.. but you know i can’t stay mad at you for too long.. T___T

P.S. i don’t hate her.. and i’m not mad at her.. haha… where did you get such an idea??? she’s my friend! haha..

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it’s Oct. 16 right now.. i know.. my calendar is seriously screwed for not yelling that the 15th has come already… grrrr… but anyways, it’s not too late to greet our very adorable fishy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

it’s been almost a year since I got obsessed with this guy… haha… im so happy… i admit that he was not the first one to catch my eye when i started with the Super Junior fandom.. in fact, i didn’t even notice him at all!!! haha… it’s such a shame right??? good thing, my friend kept on pointing and pointing at him and keeps on telling me how good of a dancer Donghae is… and therefore, i watched him… and then BOOM!! he suddenly shot up in my SuJu list and instantly hit number 1!!! haha…

and here is our fishy’s information:

  • Name: Lee Dong Hae (이동해)/English:Aiden Lee/Chinese:Li DongHai (李东海)
  • Birthday: October 15, 1986
  • Place of birth: Mokpo, South Jeolla Province
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Special Skills: dancing, singing, somersaults, guitar
  • Pets: a dog named Bada
  • Nickname: Pinocchio and Fishy


i have got to make this post short and simple.. but i just had to post these trivias… so all of you will get to know him better!

  • He said that he hates celebrating his birthday. Because last year, Super Junior went somewhere to perform. He was looking forward to 12 o’clock to come when all his members would give him presents but they all were busy doing their own things, making him so sad, so every time they talk about birthdays on air he would always complain.
  • Donghae cares for his Donsaengs very much, when KyuHyun was in the hospital, Donghae was the one that visisted him the most.
  • Donghae used to reside on the 4th story of a small apartment. Everyday after school, he would press the bell of his neighbor’s house (1st story) and run away, until he got caught once.
  • He often forgets his hat, cell phone or similar items. He would look high and low for his hat, when he already wore it. Once he was chatting with another member on the phone and said: “I forgotten my phone, I’m going to go up and take it.”
  • He’s a crybaby, soft-hearted and thinks a lot
  • The best place he likes to keep his savings in, is the water dispenser bottle
  • If someone tells him he’s short, he’ll definitely go online and search for ways to grow taller and drinks only milk and soy milk.
  • He’ll turn into a beast if he’s on stage performing U. when he had eyes contact with the members, they’ll think that his stares is so not human.
  • Donghae always wears a silver bracelet on his wrist, it was given to him by his mother so he never takes it off.
  • Donghae used to play at the public bath house with his friends, using the bathhouse like a swimming pool, thus making all the ahjusshis there angry.
  • Donghae, who is quite weak in health, often loses sleep at night. Sungmin who lives with him would fall asleep easily at the count of three, leaving Donghae to roll and flip around in bed trying to fall asleep.
  • During the 3rd year in elementary school, the teacher wrongly accused Donghae of taking away the attendance book & punished him in the teacher’s office.
  • If he has a girlfriend, he’ll like to give her a tour around his hometown, Mokpo, and let her know the place he grew up in.
  • He loves the name Bada, he named his dog Bada and said that once he has a kid he will name his child Bada too.
  • Before he debuted, he was afraid of taking the airplane, so he never went to any of the 3 school trip to Jeju Island during high school.
  • Donghae, who is sensitive to his surroundings, will not be able to fall asleep for the whole night if he is sleeping elsewhere other than home. It’s because he felt insecure when he does not see anything familiar to him in the surrounding.
  • Donghae left a message titled “ELF I LOVE YOU” in the fan cafe and sungmin called him and told him he got the title wrong. he typed LOVE as LVOE and he was so embarrassed.
  • When Kibum first came to Korea, Donghae’s the 1st person to hug him and welcome him.
  • When he was small, he played games with his friend that needed them to be divided in groups. Whichever group that he is in, will always lose in the game.
  • He once promised his father that under any circumstances, he will not drink alcohol.
  • No matter how much he eats, he will not gain fat. Whenever he feels like he had gain a bit of weight, he’ll exercise. And the first place to slim down is his face.
  • Donghae is really afraid of Shindong’s snoring, and his loud breathing while sleeping scares him too. It’s almost impossible to sleep at night, for him.
  • He likes the feeling of being protected, being cared for. & because he’ll feel lonely easily, he never eats alone. He needs to have someone to eat with him.
  • Since he hates to eat alone, Donghae often sits in other members’ to wait for them to be done working so he can go eat with them.
  • Donghae dislikes pink a lot.. because opposite his bed is Sungmin’s wardrobe and it’s full of pinkish stuffs, clothes, dolls, pillow, bags and shoes are all pink.

(note: he not longer rooms with Sungmin)

  • He’s not really good at searching things online. He doesn’t really even know how to use ‘Naver’ to search. Thus he doesn’t like going online, not to mention shopping online too.
  • Donghae really admires those taxi drivers and public transport drivers. Not only because his father used to be a taxi driver, but also because he himself will feel tired and aches all over after driving for half an hour and thus find those people impressive as they can drive all day long.
  • Donghae is very affectionate so his methods of waking up the other members are to either pad their butts or go hug them out of bed.
  • He is afraid of ghosts so he sleeps with a nightlight.
  • Donghae had didn’t have any friends in SM for one year because he was very introverted at the time and he didn’t know anyone from Mokpo.
  • He later meets DBSK member Uknow Yuhno who became instantly close with because they are both from Mokpo.
  • Donghae wanted to become a singer because he saw Boa Kwon. who is the same age. performed on stage and thought she was inspirational. A few years later he and Boa stared in a music video together.
  • Donghae is very sensitive and therefore cries very easily. Once, before debut, fellow group member Eunhyuk and DBSK member Xiah Junsu sarcastically teased him about becoming an arrogant star once he debuted. Donghae became so scared/upset that he went to the bathroom and punched the wall while crying.


next batch!!!

donghae’s personality is just sooo cute, he’s such a kid!!! <333 him!!!

+ His name is Donghae. “Dong” as in east.

+ He grew up in Mokpo and went to Seoul when he was very young. He has been separated from his parents for five years due to training. He often lost sleep worrying about them.

+ Although the training was very long, but to succeed as a singer, he stayed strong until today.

+ He loves children and puppies.

+ He looks cold-hearted, but is actually a very warm-hearted, nice person.

+ When he twisted his foot on stage, he held back the pain because of the next performance and the fans.

+ He sometimes tells nonsense stories to make people happy.

+ He is cute when you see his silly side.

+ He is a person who everyone around him likes.

+ When his hyung (older brother/male) is in an upset mood, he will cook noodles for them.

+ When he jokes with his hyung, he will not use formalities.

+ Like a girl, he is very pretty, but has a manly face-structure.

+ He will always remember his hyung’s birthdays. He doesn’t manage a Cyworld often, but when it’s a friend’s birthday, he would post pictures and a message on his Cyworld.

+ He often wears a hat.

+ When he was still in the group O-Kay, Hyukjae and Junsu jokingly told him that he is officially a celebrity and his life/himself will change. Once he heard of that, he ran out to the streets and cried.

+ He often cried when he was on the phone with his parents. He is now trying hard to hold back his tears.

+ When his father was sick, he rushed over to see him.

+ When he received his first place award for the first time, he said, “Father, I hope you’re healthy.”

+ When he received his first place award for the first time, he thought back of the hardships endured before and cried.

+ He loves to watch movies, especially foreign movies.

+ Although he once said he doesn’t like to be too close (as in body contact) with someone, we can obviously see that he loves hugging.

+ He loves Song Hye Gyo.

+ He loves seafood.

+ He likes to try to speak engish…and he’s sooo cute when he does it!

+ When he is with Hyukjae, he is very playful like a puppy.

+ He likes it when others call him a prince.

+ Eunhyuk & Donghae = Eunhae. But because he is afraid that Siwon will be mad, he created Eunshihae.

+ He said he is very happy that he is part of Super Junior and is proud of his girlfriend.

Honest, handsome, and cute…
Lee Dong Hae.


and this post will seriously be full of Donghae’s pictures!! but right now.. i got  only 3 pics of him… so i’ll be back for mooooore!!!


brb for the pictures.. ^___^

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Jonghyun, Taemin, Onew

when SHINee first debuted.. i LOVE Onew…

i still love him now… but something happened at the SMTown Concert that made my feelings for Onew waver… you know who it is?!?!

it’s our magnae TAEMIN!!

but i feel so sad that im crushing on someone 3 years younger than me.. T___T good thing my JONGHYUN is here to save me from my mild pedo-ness… nyahaha…

credits: soompi; shinee international forum

i’ll be back with more pix… haha.. i’ll sleep for now.. ^__^ and i’ll add more substance to this post too… haha…

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SeoHyun SNSD playing the piano

Seohyun is just wicked!!! i didn’t know she could play the piano well!! and “Fantasie impromptu” is a dfficult piece… and her speed is amazing… i love her!!!

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Prisoner of Love – Utada Hikaru

credits: Katox209

Prisoner of Love – Utada Hikaru

Japanese Romaji Lyrics:

Heiki na kao de uso wo tsuite
Waratte iyake ga sashite
Raku bakari shiyou to shiteita

Naimononedari buruusu
Minna yasuragi wo motometeiru
Michitariteru no ni ubaiau
Ai no kage wo otteiru

Taikutsu na mainichi ga kyuu ni kagayakidashita
Anata ga arawareta ano hi kara
Kodoku demo tsurakute mo heiki da to omoeta
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Yameru toki mo sukoyaka naru toki mo
Arashi no hi mo hare no hi mo tomoni ayumou

I’m gonna tell you the truth
Hitoshirezu tsurai michi wo erabu
Watashi wo ouen shite kureru
Anata dake wo tomo to yobu

Tsuyogari ya yokubari ga muimi ninarimashita
Anata ni ai sareta ano hi kara
Jiyuu demo yoyuu demo hitori ja munashii wa
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Oh mou sukoshi da yo
Don’t you give up
Oh misute nai zettaini

Zankoku na genjitsu ga futari wo hikisakeba
Yori issou tsuyoku hikare au
Ikurademo ikurademo ganbareru ki ga shita
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Arifureta nichijou ga kyuu ni kagayaki dashita
Kokoro wo ubawareta ano hi kara
Kodoku demo tsurakutemo heiki da to omoeta
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Stay with me, stay with me
My baby, say you love me
Stay with me, stay with me
Hitori ni sasenai


With an indifferent face you tell a lie
Laughing until you feel sick
“Let’s have nothing but fun” you said

Feeling blue over desiring the impossible
Everyone is seeking tranquility
You’re struggling, but you’ve had enough
Now you’re chasing after a shadow of love

Since the day you appeared
My dull “everyday”s have begun to shine
Now I‘m able to think, “Feeling loneliness, being in pain – that’s not so bad”
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Through painful times and healthy times,
Stormy days and sunny days, let’s walk on together

I’m gonna tell you the truth
I chose an unforeseeably painful path
and you came to support me
You’re the only one I can call a friend

Fake displays of strength and avarice have become meaningless
I’ve been in love with you since that day
When I’m free, with time to spare, there’s no life in being alone
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Oh… Just a little more
Don’t you give up
Oh don’t ever abandon me
If the cruelty of reality tries to tear us apart
We’ll be drawn more closely to one another
Somehow, somehow, I have a feeling we’ll be able to stand firm
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Every day banalities quickly begin to shine brilliantly
You stole my heart that day
Loneliness and pain I thought I could deal with
I’m just a prisoner of love

Stay with me, stay with me
My baby, say you love me
Stay with me, stay with me
Don’t leave me alone again


i decided to watch Last Friends, a new jdorama featuring Nishikido Ryo of NewS, Nodame from Nodame Cantabile, the nurse in iryu team medical dragon, the bride in proposal daisakusen, and another guy im familiar with but i cant remember where… the details of the jdorama aren’t impt as of now… hehehe… i just love the opening song!!! so much!!! that’s why i immediately looked for the whole song in youtube… obviously, from the very first word, i knew it was sang by utada hikaru.. and im a huge fan of her songs.. it all started with First Love which also introduced me to hideaki takizawa, my other lovely guy… ahihihi… ^___^

anyway… enjoy listening!! i loved the lyrics and i know it’s so heartbreaking but i dunno why im smiling.. LOL…

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two new ideas

haha.. di ko alam kung san ko nasagap toh… basta naisip ko lang bigla… they may be true pero it doesn’t necessarily mean na palaging ganito…

  1. human1 like like likes human 2 but doesn’t admit that he/she (human1) loves him/her (human2) unless he/she (human1) is certain and assured that human2 likes him/her back (human1)…
  2. human1 is very close to human2 but suddenly, they get so busy that human1 starts to miss human2… the feeling of “missing” human2 is often misinterpreted by human1 to be feelings of “affection” and therefore thinks that he/she (human1) has fallen for human2…

omgeee… so wrong!!! but sooo right?!?! i dunno whether to believe what im thinking or not.. and i think the words are quite confusing.. but anyways, if those people get what i just said.. did you get my point? LOL.. haha… im so weird right now… such a random post…

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Addicted to TONIGHT by DBSK/TVXQ

Dong Bang Shin Ki ~ Tonight

WOO! How are you doing out there? (OOH~)
Ha… This song… makes you fall in love again…
It makes you happy… with love
Baby right now, right here (MM~~)

naui sonur jabayo narur gadug angoso
gasum giphi gideyo dure cheoni sumyo durge
chamur suga objyo gude jagun tollime
nan yongwonhi guderur ipgo OH BABY
dashin bogo shipho haji anun danungor argejyo

ne ane gudege nomuna nomchyo
(irun achim hessarui taduthamijyo)
sumur shwisu jocha obnun goryo
(jamdun gudeui phumaneso~)
nerin birur majun ai chorom
deji wie phurin (OH YEAH) sarang chorom

Now I know… why those people are saying love is blind
I believe my heart belongs to you…
I love you… more than I do

ne gasum aneso guden machi burdong ori chorom
hayahge bunjyo gago ijyo modu tewo boryoyo
kuthi obnun yorjong~ guder gajingor~ OOH WO~

ne ane gudege nomuna nomchyo
(sara sumshwinun nega nukyo jinungor)
sumur shwisu jocha obnun goryo
(ne mom ane chungmanhan gude~)
nerin birur majun ai chorom
deji wie phurin sarang chorom (WO~~ YEAH)

nomuna giphun igamjong dojohi
gamdanghar jashini obsoyo
ne maum soge gudega jun sarangi~
jomjom narur samkyo gago inungor
guden ne ane gotongur nohgo
aphumdurun jomjom hwanhirur mandurjyo~

ne ane gudege nomuna nomchyo
(irun achim hessarun nege onungor)
sumur shwisu jocha obnun goryo
(jamdun gudeui phum aneso~)
nerin birur majun ai chorom
deji wie (OH~ YEAH) phurin sarang chorom

MY…. OH~~ (OOH~ YE~~)

ne ane gudege nomuna nomchyo
sumur shwisu jocha obnun goryo
nerin birur majun ai chorom
deji wie phurin sarang chorom~


i chose this live one [but hero’s voice cracks at the end but he redeems himself with that awesome voice of his] instead of the mv but if you want to hear the music video.. watch here.. and this one has English subs.. this one is another good live perf.. and this one too.. and this one takes too long too load but is the best perfomance according to the uploader, they were raising money here, i think.. and this one too, though junsu trips on his part a little bit at the beginning… and this one too, junsu and changmin got the right vocals and is identical to the music video, so GOOD~~ hehe.. and ok, i’m gonna stop giving you links.. LOL~~ AND the lyrics i put there is for the MV.. because the one i embeded is the shorter version of the song since junsu didn’t sing his line and they jumped to jaejoong’s part.. so there.. haha..

oh gawd.. i cannot express how addicted i am to this song right now… i know i’ve been addicted to this song 2 years ago when i was still in high school and it was the first time i saw dbsk… i knew the song was good and was stuck to my my head for weeks but i was a diligent student back then so i wasn’t into youtube that much… i know i haven’t been paying attention to dbsk lately, ever since super junior came into my life brought to me especially by heechul whom i saw in bad family.. haha.. and then donghae didn’t help either with that cute face of his.. nor siwon’s expressions!! hahaha… then there’s sungmin and kibum too!! ok, i should stop mentioning names right now ‘coz i might mention everyone in super junior!! LOL..


anyway, back to the topic… i just can’t get rid of this ‘tonight’ mania that i have in my head.. it’s like when i was addicted to happiness and don’t don of super junior.. and i keep on playing them and putting them on repeat… and basically, that’s how i memorized the song.. and that took like a hundred times per song.. LOL!! jaejoong’s voice is really so… how do i explain this?? hmm… heavenly!! AND he CAN hit high notes!! i was suuuuuuuper amazed with his falsetto!!! i mean, how many guys can pull of a good falsetto???? and the reason i became addicted to dbsk is because of jaejoong’s voice.. i know that i’ve heard him sing at some live performance and i really loved his voice there… and i’m in the process of hunting it down in youtube.. though i know that i’d have a hard time since it was like 2 years ago!! and i basically don’t even remember what he sang at that time.. LOL!!

xiah junsu

dbsk is a really good boy group.. though they might still fall in second place to super junior in my heart… hehehe… and i forgot to mention how i am starting to love junsu’s voice.. gawd!! that guy CAN sing!!! at first i thought that jaejoong is the best.. but then junsu’s not that far behind!! he’s good!! i was just not used to his style at first… i remember seeing him in his rendition of a whole new world with BoA since that song has become a hit coz of charice and kyuhyun… so i can’t help but compare them at first… charice and kyuhyun have this classical voice stuff while junsu and BoA are more into a pop style… but they really hit all the high notes their own way too!! it’s just that charice and kyuhyun’s voice are more whole.. and im a classical person so it’s obvious which one i favored… but junsu and boa’s rendition is also good.. anyway.. you can watch junsu and BoA’s rendition here.. and charice and kyuhyun’s version here… ^-^

hero jaejoong

oooh.. i still can’t get enough of hero jaejoong!! i’ve been talking something about him for three consecutive paragraphs already!! but you just have to watch his helium moments!! like this one!! slkdjfsdlksjdf!! the way he says baybeh to finish his sentences!! LOL!! so cracktastic and then junsu takes some helium too and yoochun and jaejoong were like “he took in some too??” and the junsu’s giggle in the end was sdfjhsdkjfhds~~ hehe… LOL.. i found a compilation of their helium moments~~ here.. haha.. the first part is jaejoong’s baybeh~~ LOL jlsdhfskjahdflka so adorable… baybeh would be like my word of the month now.. T-T

micky yoochun

And then we have Yoochun!! gawd.. when i watched that video in youtube about him saying saranghae in five different ways… sfkjdslkfjds!! i almost got off my seat!! i was giggling so much!! haha.. if you’re interested to see.. it’s here… omg.. he’s sooo adorable even if he didn’t hit that ball and then after he said saranghae in five ways, he did it!! haha.. i don’t even know what they’re saying here but oh well.. yoochun is just too cute in this clip… credits to the person who uploaded this on youtube! ehehe..

max changmin

oh CHANGMIN!! he’s the magnae and he’s always being bullied because of it… but he’s a strong guy!! he likes to hit people for revenge!! nyahaha!! and i’m kind of sorry for the other guys but not really that much since they bully him so he just gets back at them! buhahahaha!! watch this!! haha.. i pity jaejoong at the end of the clip.. changmin hit him so hard.. T-T my poor jaejoong.. that’s what you get for forgetting how strong your magnae is.. LOL!! and yunho was not saying anything after he got hit… and at the beginning when junsu was like “please don’t hit me too hard”.. LOL!!! and then yoochun got hit at the stomach since he bullied changmin.. haha.. credits to ziggysight of youtube again… anyway, i do sometimes wonder who in super junior loves to hit people.. i never got to know that… it seems like eunhyuk is always the one who they prank but he’s too nice to get revenge and if he thinks of one, i bet he always fails.. oh! but the suju people like to pants down as a prank!! LOL!! hahaha…

u-know yunho

and last but not the least.. Yunho!! the leader and the best dancer from the group.. AND he is also a close friend of donghae!!! waaaaaaaaaaah… watch this… just watch coz you won’t understand a thing if you don’t know korean.. BUT!!! they look oh so good here!! hahaha.. and in case you want to hear the song Yunho composed and Donghae is featured in it! waaaah! watch here… they’re both so good in rapping and dancing… hahaha… and watch this clip too!! Yunho and Donghae moments!! and it looks like jaejoong is jealous!! nyahaha… i can’t believe i’m linking all these stuff… i’m such a crazed fan..


P.S. isn’t it amazing that no matter how much i talk about dbsk, someone or something about super junior pops up in every paragraph??? LOL!! i just noticed after rereading the post… hahaha… and i got to post first about dbsk rather than super junior.. but oh well.. i’ve made a draft about them.. and it’s too long so i’m trying to divide it in parts.. wahahahaha…

P.P.S. the birth of a new category~~ boys with talent.. of course it’s obvious that this category is dedicated to my crushes.. i didn’t want this to just be in my crushes category since some of my crushes are not celebrities.. LOL… haha… so you get the point..

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