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EunHae/Dance Instructors and DBSK/SMAP collab


this is one of the reasons why i like Super Junior a lot… and it’s mostly spearheaded by EunHae pair.. obviously because of their crazy friendship and their crazy dance skills… aaaaarghhhh… and also because i miss Super Junior a LOT!!

this is the vid where they dance “Because of You”… eeeeeep… they’re such good dancers!!

“MY LOVE”… but this is mostly the DIs since the two only showed up a little bit in the middle coz i don’t think they know the steps for the dance yet… (and accdg to sources… it’s Nick Bass and Trent Dickens, dance extraordinaires responsible for Justine Timberlake’s ‘My Love’ choreography… omgeee… SM, i praise you for making friends with these two… they’re awesome choreographers!!)


NEXT: DBSK and SMAP collaboration of Purple Line and Doushite…

seriously… it’s weird to see the hand movements in Doushite and i even think that the dong bang boys are fighting the urge to laugh at what they’re doing… and it’s nice to see SMAP dance to Purple Line… hmm… but they’re like, the counterpart of H.O.T. (korean boyband of the 90’s), right? or not? anyway, just watch the perf, i think the vocals for Doushite is flawless and the best live ever, except for the fact that they added the rough voices of SMAP, and some of them don’t sync so well.. but overall, it’s good.. ^-^

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What a night…

December 28, 2008

This is one of the most memorable dates of 2008. For reasons i know some of you know. LOL. I slept at Dana’s house in Las Pinas. And at this day, we therefore declare that we are best friends. Also for reasons i know most of you know. It was fun and i can’t even explain how happy i was. But unfortunately, night time came and sleeping time is nearing so we had to retire to our beds and get some rest. I know you all are wondering what we did. Hahahaha. Well, we did kikay stuffs, as per usual. Haha, while she was using the flat iron, i was painting my toenails in different colors. LOL. And the topic of opening our own parlor resurfaced! Hahaha. The last time we talked about the parlor was last February while we were helping our blockmates prepare for the JS Prom of the school one of our friends own. Rich kid T_T. As for the rest of the night, that’s a secret between us. But rest assured that we slept with grins in our faces. ^___^

December 29, 2008

The next day. We woke up around 10am, expecting my parents to be picking me up around this time which later became 1pm and then 2pm and then finally, 3pm! What did we do then? We checked on SHINee and DBSK!!! wahahaha! and i finally got her to like both groups!! plus we have been LSSing on Vanilla Love by Lee Hyunji and Onew (SHINee leader). And the girl is so cute and the song is too good that i can’t get it out of my head. I think we replayed the song for 20+ times!!! And her fave SHINee member is Minho! And that boy is so tall!! wahahaha. but i still love my Jonghyun even though he’s the smallest of the group and yet 2nd to the oldest. ^___^ plus we both love Jaejoong now!!! ahahahaha!!

afterwards, my parents picked me up exactly 3pm, then we watched a movie in Festival Mall, bought gifts for my goddaughter. and now i’m going to sleep.

PS. December 11, 2008: Dana gave me a reason to love her even more!!! ^_____^ Thanks bespernd!!


THE WONDER BOYS ARE BACK!! They sang Nobody and Kissing You in SBS Gayo Daejun!!! omo!!

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Kim Jeong Hoon – You are not Alone MV

i know my exams are up right now… and im trying really hard to study… but i just had to post this!!! i didn’t know he already released a new music video!! but he still is absolutely gorgeous!! one of my favorite eye candy!! and a genius like him will never fail to make me smile!! ^______^

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Weeeek – NewS

aaaaaaah!!! NewS!!! this is the song i like the most from them… hahahaha…. the vid is from music station and they talke a little about how yamapi did a back flip after 4 years… haha… really dangerous and nishikido ryo was as handsome as ever!!! ^_____^

credits: ladytenshi01

it’s been a long time since i last listened to anything jpop… ahaahaha…. well.. i was first introduced to these guys through their jdoramas… honestly, i only know yamapi and nishikido ryo… as for the rest, i believe i have yet to get acquainted with their faces and learn their names… oh well… i guess i’ve just been missing the two so badly that’s why i searched for this song again… i do believe that this would be the first jpop boyband related post after a whole year???? ahahahaha… nah… i believe i wrote something abt Hey! Say! JUMP earlier this year… ahahaha… oh well… i love JE!!! they produce very great talent… hahaha…

Weeeek MV

credits: xzNightzx


and i do believe that i still have a crush on nishikido ryo even after seeing him play a very bad mean person in last friends.. his smile simply melts me… ^_____^

am i being pulled back to my jpop jdorama obsession?1?!?!

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SM Town Let’s Go on a Vacation

credits: xkpopxfanx

i knew i’ve heard this song from somewhere!! coz at first i thought i got addicted to this coz i heard lee seunggi sing this at kbs… but what do i know!!! i kinda had a feeling i’ve heard this from somewhere.. and guess where????? DREAM CONCERT 08 of course!!! buhahahahaha!!! i was too preoccuppied with SuJu reuniting at that time… but yeah.. im still addicted to this catchy song…

here is the version of lee seunggi since i’ve grown to like his voice too… and this is from the dream concert!!!! ^___^

credits: sassouki04

i soooo love this song!!! expecially since SM TOWN sang this…. im so in love and amazed with this agency.. almost all of my obsessions come from them!! ^____^ and here is a live version of the song with SuJu and CSJH singing it… here

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YAMASHI [Yamada-Shida pairing]

For those who don’t know what YAMASHI stands for… it is Yamada Ryosuke – Shida Mirai pairing… ^-^ nyahahaha… why does this pairing exist??? well, it’s because they were costars in the live action drama of Tantei Gakuen Q… Yama-chan plays the role of the cool genius Amakusa Ryu while Shida plays the role of Megu who has photographic memory… so i love this pairing… hehe.. i remember watching this last year… i can’t get enough of these two.. so im linking the vids with the two of them as pairings…

Unfaithful by ferinexx

Chemicals React by vkv15

Stay by my Side forever by StrangerXO

Never Alone by vkv15

I’ll Make it Real by vkv15

Loving You by hafizahluvryohei

Over It by hafizahluvryohei

Stand By Me by kawaii24tomoyo

You are the One by hafizahluvryohei

oooh… so many links… hehehe…

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