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SHINee: Nana’s B CF

i’m seriously outdated with the kpop news… i dunno what SHINee is doing right now.. >.< but thank god i have subscribed to randy19972 and still be updated with their latest videos… which makes me kind of miss going to soompi but oh well… i have my studies to attend to.. but here’s the latest cf which i find to be really cute!! and they’re growing already!! they’re hitting on girls now.. >.< CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!

Taemin’s version:

Minho’s version:

Love Triangle (Full) Version: omgeeeeeeeeeeeee!! i love this version!!!


ok now i will be spazzing because of the love triangle version!!!! wahahahahaha!!! i just watched it now and gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! oaishfoawhgopw;enl;bvkdsanvoaehoeap;snba!!! I was already all smiles when Taemin touched her hand.. and then giggling when Minho kissed her cheeks… and now im SPAZZING SO MUCH when Taemin suddenly got jealous and stood up from his table and got her and then led her out of the room…… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! ;alsejhfgpoawhgpoareb! i just can’t get over it… they looked so…. waaaaaaaaaaaaah!! cuteness much????? eeeeeeeeeeep… i know i’ll keep on replaying this till later….

gah!! SHINee!!! i miss you!! when will you release ur new single??? or album???? ^————-^

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Gee MV

the full MV is finally out!!

i love this song so much!! to the nth level!!! this song is stuck in my head all day!!

gee gee gee gee baby baby baby!

and the MV even featured SHINee’s Minho which made me even happier!! i’m so happy that they let Minho be the main guy in the MV and the girls looked so cute giggling in front of his “employee of the month” picture… and the chreography is danceable!! hehehe… i love their cute concept now!!

anyways.. here is the MV.. enjoy!

credits: soshisubs2@yt

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What a night…

December 28, 2008

This is one of the most memorable dates of 2008. For reasons i know some of you know. LOL. I slept at Dana’s house in Las Pinas. And at this day, we therefore declare that we are best friends. Also for reasons i know most of you know. It was fun and i can’t even explain how happy i was. But unfortunately, night time came and sleeping time is nearing so we had to retire to our beds and get some rest. I know you all are wondering what we did. Hahahaha. Well, we did kikay stuffs, as per usual. Haha, while she was using the flat iron, i was painting my toenails in different colors. LOL. And the topic of opening our own parlor resurfaced! Hahaha. The last time we talked about the parlor was last February while we were helping our blockmates prepare for the JS Prom of the school one of our friends own. Rich kid T_T. As for the rest of the night, that’s a secret between us. But rest assured that we slept with grins in our faces. ^___^

December 29, 2008

The next day. We woke up around 10am, expecting my parents to be picking me up around this time which later became 1pm and then 2pm and then finally, 3pm! What did we do then? We checked on SHINee and DBSK!!! wahahaha! and i finally got her to like both groups!! plus we have been LSSing on Vanilla Love by Lee Hyunji and Onew (SHINee leader). And the girl is so cute and the song is too good that i can’t get it out of my head. I think we replayed the song for 20+ times!!! And her fave SHINee member is Minho! And that boy is so tall!! wahahaha. but i still love my Jonghyun even though he’s the smallest of the group and yet 2nd to the oldest. ^___^ plus we both love Jaejoong now!!! ahahahaha!!

afterwards, my parents picked me up exactly 3pm, then we watched a movie in Festival Mall, bought gifts for my goddaughter. and now i’m going to sleep.

PS. December 11, 2008: Dana gave me a reason to love her even more!!! ^_____^ Thanks bespernd!!


THE WONDER BOYS ARE BACK!! They sang Nobody and Kissing You in SBS Gayo Daejun!!! omo!!

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this video is so AMAZING!!! hahaha.. and you all know that Jonghyun is my current fave… but i like all of them… but it’s just that KEY really OWNED this video!!! that rap part of his and his half smexy smiles that’s in between shy and hot… LOL!!! when i first heard this song, i wasn’t really sure if i’d like it coz it sounded unlike SHINee’s LLO and NYSP(Replay)… But then i watched their first performance from Inkigayo and they OWNED the stage!!! and they’re such good dancers and that TAEMIN… oh my gad, don’t get me started on that boy… coz aaaaarggghhhh…. he’s freaking 3 years younger than me!!!! and so is Yamada Ryosuke… and what’s with people born in 1993???? they’re all grabbing my attention… even Sohee from Wonder Girls is getting my attention… and she’s from 1993 too!!!

but anyway, i watched that Inkigayo performance and i was like HAJIMAN SEXY~~!!!! ahaha.. that KEY can sure grab my attention… i can’t seem to remove that particular line off my head… but TAEMIN’s bowl cut VANISHED!!! in one night, he became this almighty god that looked so COOL!!! and at one point i even thought he had this resemblance to Miura Haruma (finally someone from my year 1990!!!) who was in Gokusen 3 and Koizora (i LOVE this movie!!!!) and 14 year old mother… hahaha… but anyway… TAEMIN really blew me off!!! And their dance break is way beyond awesome!!! *sigh* no words can even portray how much i’m so into this song… but here’s their first inkigayo perf… i remember people from soompi and (“Your #1 source for all things SHINee”) were spazzing so much… and people from (SHINee Philippines) were really happy… ^_____^

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Jonghyun, Taemin, Onew

when SHINee first debuted.. i LOVE Onew…

i still love him now… but something happened at the SMTown Concert that made my feelings for Onew waver… you know who it is?!?!

it’s our magnae TAEMIN!!

but i feel so sad that im crushing on someone 3 years younger than me.. T___T good thing my JONGHYUN is here to save me from my mild pedo-ness… nyahaha…

credits: soompi; shinee international forum

i’ll be back with more pix… haha.. i’ll sleep for now.. ^__^ and i’ll add more substance to this post too… haha…

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Love Like Oxygen MV – SHINee

THE MV is OUT!!!! woooooohooooo!!

from the very first slide in this MV, my eyes are already popping out… bwahahahaha!!

all of the guys looked absolutely hot in this MV… and their outfits!! hehe… jumpers!! and their collared polo!! i guess those who will do this routine dance would have to wear those types of clothes as well and chairs included!!! ^____^ ahhhh!!!

another fantastic song by SHINee!! This new group never ceases to amaze me!! wahahaha… (almost everything amazes me!! haha) this song is stuck to my head!!! wahahaha… after noona neomu yeppeo… this is another catchy but different type of catchy song… ahahaha… it’s more, mature? isn’t it? Taemin and his new hair is just so.. uurghhh!!! lovely!!!

Taemin looked so cool and so… hot??? especially in his close ups… whahahaha….

and Onew!!! i loved his shoe brushing at the start of the MV… wahahaha… and he gave the hat concept to taemin… it’s nice to see more of his face now…

Minho and his tall stature… hahaha.. his rap is so much better here.. actually i loved the rap part of Minho, Taemin and Key here!!

Aaaaah!! Key!! still love that growling voice.. nyahahaha….

of course Jonghyun!! the jumper looks great on you… and your voice is still so great!!! amazing!!!


and here is the live performance!! yey!! they sing a part of SHINee world and then the video transitions to Love Like Oxygen… ^_____^ omo! they’re such great dancers and singers!!! ahahaha…


And CONGRATULATIONS to SHINee for winning the Hot New Artist award in Mnet!!! nyahahaha… here’s the vid, subbed by shineesubs!!! ahhh!! onew cried!!! and they thanked LSM and the other father figures around them… and of course their parents!!

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