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Love Sick

credits: maizakichi

Finally!! An FT Island post!! ahahaha…. i’ve wanted to post this for a while now.. i even prepared a draft for them but unfortunately, i was too lazy to finish it.. so im just posting this for fun… i love this song… haha.. Hongki’s voice is so good and i’ve had this small crush on jaejin hahahaha… oh well.. ^____^

and Hongki’s expressions are amazing… and he breaks his leg when singing the chorus!! how lovely… haha… the video above is from their debut while the one below is their music video…

credits: nurulshimazamli

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Before i leave, i have some things to say…

hello guys… i will be gone for a few days since i’m going to baguio with my family.. and yes, my fever is all cleared up now… so i’m up and about again.. LOL.. ^-^ anyway, i got to see the hospital last sunday and was “bed ridden” for 2 days and then of course i still went to my piano lesson but what’s important is i’m all good now… wahahahaha….

anyway…. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… i’m still soooo addicted to Super Junior… and then now i’m slowly being drawn into DBSK because of their appearance in EHB ep 9 and 10.. hahaha…. oh well… not just DBSK, there’s also Big Bang and FT Island… oh gosh… i watched unstoppable marriage because sooyoung and yuri of snsd were there and i just can’t help but love Jae Jin.. ^-^ it has been clear that when unstoppable marriage was still not airing and only pics of the cast are showing, i was like “waaaaaah~~ he’s cute..”.. so there, hahaha..

and oh my~~ FT Island is a BAND… and i’m at the right generation since they’re almost the same age as me and the lead vocals is actually the same age as me… im so happy~~ you guys should check out their songs… waaaah.. they’re so good… especially jae jin who looks so cute and handsome in whatever he does… nyaaaaah… and i still have that Until You Come Back MV in my heart… i was about to cry when the video was about to end… lol.. and hong ki has nice vocals.. though i sometimes mistake some of his words to sound japanese… lol… but oh well… nyahahaha…

and how did i get hooked up on big bang??? well, because their magnae is the same age as me as well… nyahahaha.. this is definitely my generation… lol.. and i watched seungri who was in manwon happiness with yoona of snsd… ok, it seems like snsd is my link to all the hot guys out there since they always get paired up with one of them… hahahahahahaha… anyway, since im still new to these guys, the only song that i’ve heard is Lies… and it’s still playing in my head… hahahahaha… and one of their members, T.O.P., has a brief kissing scene with Sandara Park in Gummi’s video.. can you believe that??? just when im starting my fandom with them, she comes up and doubles my interest on them.. and by the way.. i’ve watched their music video already and she looks so pretty there and it’s great to hear her speak her native tongue which is Korean.. i’m slowly loving that language right now, only third place to Japanese and French.. LOL… hahahaha…

and how could i forget the closest friends of the loves of my life… DBSK… haha, it’s so fun to see them all laughing together… i know that they’re really close and all… waaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~ i just can’t get enough of SM Town in general.. i really think SM has the best artists… and the best practice rooms… LOL… i just love the ambiance in their practice rooms in comparison to others… anyway, DBSK fighting~~ even though at first i thought you were all japanese… nyahahaha….

anyway, i don’t have all the time in the world today since we’re going a little bit later.. so here’s a recap of the groups and band that i really like now… SUPER JUNIOR and their subgroups KRY, T and M, DBSK, SNSD, Big Bang and FT Island~~ nyahahahaha… ok, so more on my list… i don’t care as long as i express my appreciation for them… they give joy to all their fans… nyahaha.. too bad i can’t post pictures right now since i’m in a hurry but i promise to post some pictures of these people when i come back… ahahahaha….

see ya~ ^_^

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