ASK THE DENIED HEAVEN… she’ll answer…

you can ask me anything… whatever… i’d try to answer ur questions… wahahahaha!!!

ASK ME!!! try it now!! ^-^

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  1. 1

    mothtotheflame said,

    *reads*…’ask the… she’ll answer…’ ows?

  2. 2

    heavendenied said,

    yeh… cmon… wahahaha…

  3. 3

    Raymund said,

    bakit denied heaven? Parang…kasi maganda tunog nung heaven denied e. Haha. Cielo means heaven, right?

    Nababaliw na ako sa English. Wahahaha. Oops. Nagay ko yung klase ng tawa mo dun. Nyahahaha. Ginawa ba namang chatbox.

  4. 4

    heavendenied said,

    haiii…. nakalimutan ko na may page pala akong ganito.. wahehehehe…. ^-^

  5. 5

    mommy ayu-chan said,

    Naku, daughter. Watch Gintama. XDD
    Nag-endorse? XDD
    I, as your mother, am going to impose my motherly authority over you. I order you to watch Gintama. XDDDD

  6. 6

    heavendenied said,

    aiyo!! haha.. ganun???

    fine fine… haha… cge.. try ko watch…

  7. 7

    doctorbeans said,

    2 + 2 ?

  8. 8

    kc said,

    hi, i’m kc! i discovered ur blog while searching some new pix of taemin,then after reading u’r blog i realized dat u’r a filipina lyk me! i’m so happy 2 know dat u also lyk suju dbsk F.T island & many other asian artist coz i’m really addicted 2 suju & dbsk!!!
    hmmm, by d way do u lyk watching asian series??! U’r living in d Philippines ryt.. so i guess u watch asian series…. anong mga bagong pinapalabas jan ngaun sa pinas???
    ummm, but i just want 2 say sumthing,i hope u’ll change u’r mind about liking d SNSD bcoz they’re witches!!! They’re so mean,they’re bad girls! Did u know dat??? Well if u want 2 know why i’m saying this if u want i’ll send u a file who says all d wrong doings of SNSD,just let me know ur e-mail add ok…? Nice meeting u…!

  9. 9

    kc said,

    hi,by d way i’m krystelle! I randomlly disovered u’r blog while i was surfing d net 2 search some new pix of taemin;then after reading u’r blog i realized dat u’r a filipina lyk me! ‘m so hppy 2 know dat u also lyk Suju,DBSK,Shinee & many other Asian artists coz i’m really addicted 2 them…
    So u’r living in d Pilippines ryt? Do u lyk watching asian series? Anong mga bagong pnapalbas jan ngaun? coz watching asian series is my hobby, hahaha! well i just wanna say sumthing: I hope u’ll change u’r mind about liking the SNSD bcoz they’re bad girls, they’re so mean! If u wanna know why i’m saying this if u want i can send u a file about all their wrong doings!!! I hate them so much! I hope u won’t get scared after reading my comment & also u won’t get mad at me,coz i would lyk 2 be u’r friend….
    ok that’s all, bye!

  10. 10

    heavendenied said,

    @doctorbeans === 4? haha.. xnxa now lang reply…

    @kc === hello!!! weeeeh!! fan ka rin!! yehey!! i would like to be your friend too!! i’m from Makati, ikaw?? hehe… if you’re somewhere near Manila, there’s a Joint Gathering for DBSK, SUJU and SHINee filipino fans on dec. 20… i’ll be posting the link to the site later… anyway, i see you don’t like SNSD… haha… i’ve read things about them and i’m trying to keep my mind open to all opinions… but i really think they’re talented and just a little bit misunderstood… feel free to email me at heavendeniedcmdp@gmailcom… i want to hear your side.. ^___^

  11. 11

    heavendenied said,


    sorry.. i forgot to put between heveandenied and cmdp… >_<

  12. 13

    mars said,

    anu n b ngaun new movies ni ikuta toma?

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