Who am I??

my whole name is Cielo Marie Desipeda Pereyra

that’s me.. yeah…

im this type of girl that loves to make people happy… im not the talktative type of girl but once you really know me and i know that i can trust you… that’s the time when i unleash my very loquacious side..

i love pink! as in P-I-N-K … i know it’s too girly and everything but then i thought why i hated pink so much way back when i was a kid.. and that’s when i remembered that i wasn’t exactly the perfect first daughter… i was boyish in some sense.. i would play with dolls but then i found playing “tumbang preso”, “patintero”, “ice water”, “langit lupa”, “agawan base”, etc, much more fun than pretending to make dolls (specifically Barbie) walk, talk, sit, stand, eat, and fall in love (with ken).. ahehehe…

i studied and graduated in three schools as of now.. first, when i was in day care center.. that was in the barangay complex or somewhere in the community.. then when i reached the age of 4, i studied in Colegio de Sta. Rosa-Makati… That was 1995-2003… a total of 8 years… from kindergarten to grade 6.. i can even name all the sections i once belonged in!!!

and then i transferred into another school with my bestfriends Kim and April alongside two other batchmates from CSR… i was happy to be with my friends in Makati Science High School… i can still name the sections i once was in… ^-^

and now.. i’m about to go to college… where?? hmm.. AteneoUSTUP Manila of course!! BS Physical Therapy… yeh!!

wish me luck in my endeavors.. and i’ll wish you luck with yours… ^-^

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  1. 1

    toniwoni said,

    ei cielo…
    link ex?
    sige na..
    ayaw pa…

    hope you drop by my blog also…
    i miss you, mami!!! 😀

  2. 2

    bibomedia said,


  3. 3

    Ron, PTRP said,

    nice, BSPT. yeah, good course.. I should know im a PTRP. 🙂

    And yeah, GREAT school you got there. I’m always afraid with UP PT’s back as in intern, ang tatalino kasi talaga.. You probably are too. 🙂

    good blog.

  4. 4

    heavendenied said,

    thanks for dropping by… ^____^

  5. 5

    Miyon said,

    R u Shinee fan??

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