SNSD pre-valentines

weeeeeeeeeeh!! i love love their latest performance most especially coz they sang kissing you again!!! though at the later part of kissing you, seohyun was out of timing since they were giving candies and shaking the fanboy’s hands…. weeeeeeeeeeeh!! it’s the first time i saw fanboys in action!!! and it was fun to hear all those deep voices!!! and the crazy spazzing by the boys…. >_________< of course because they’re seeing THE GIRL’S GENERATION… hehehe…

their Gee perf: (Tiff says “Listen Peppermint.. My First Valentines Day”)

their Come on Over Perf (Great job Taeyeon!!):

lastly, KISSING YOU!! (i missed this song!! XD and they gave away candies!! Seohyun got a bit confused in the middle with the timing.. and Sunny almost being left behind in the ending.. XD)

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