Year End Post

2008 was full of laughter and new beginnings… I met new and not so new boybands, watched them grow and gain popularity inside and outside their country… I temporarily said goodbye to SJM as they pursued their dreams into being internationally well known… but i still love Donghae!! ^___^ he will always be number one in my heart… I’ve finished my first year in college and continued on to my second year… i’ve joined OMAKE and aCAMPella, an anime and choir org respectively… i met a very special person… i gained a bespernd… 2008 surely is a very happy year for me…

this coming 2009, i expect harder subjects, stricter professors, hectic schedules with org meetings here and there, longer lists of books to read, and migraines to come… but on top of all these, there will be a stronger bond in my family as well as with my friends and special friend… happier occassions to celebrate… and many experiences to share.. i hope that 2009 will be the next episode of the beginnings that i’ve had in 2008… and with all of the people around me, for smiles to appear on each of their faces this coming year…

a HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR to all!! ^______^


  1. study harder and get a “one”
  2. get taller lose weight
  3. grow my hair to waist length again
  4. be more organized
  5. save money
  6. buy a SHINee, DBSK, and Super Junior cd (their next album)
  7. buy SM Town cd (which will be released some time this year)
  8. be active in my organizations (and to not quit)
  9. be faithful and loyal (one member per boyband LOL)
  10. always thank my parents and cedric and the people around me
  11. always remember that God is the center of everything
  12. enjoy life!

PIC SPAM of my idols!!

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  1. 1

    Frances said,

    Hurray for your New Year’s Resolution. Natawa ako sa get taller kaso my strikethrough na sya. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Told you, I’m reading your blog! Love. Love!

    • 2

      heavendenied said,

      wah!! thnx for reading!! hehehe… ayan.. sana matupad ko ang mga new year’s resolution ko!!! sana lang talaga… wahahaha… ^_____^ good luck sa bio lab naten partner!!! hehehe

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