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Year End Post

2008 was full of laughter and new beginnings… I met new and not so new boybands, watched them grow and gain popularity inside and outside their country… I temporarily said goodbye to SJM as they pursued their dreams into being internationally well known… but i still love Donghae!! ^___^ he will always be number one in my heart… I’ve finished my first year in college and continued on to my second year… i’ve joined OMAKE and aCAMPella, an anime and choir org respectively… i met a very special person… i gained a bespernd… 2008 surely is a very happy year for me…

this coming 2009, i expect harder subjects, stricter professors, hectic schedules with org meetings here and there, longer lists of books to read, and migraines to come… but on top of all these, there will be a stronger bond in my family as well as with my friends and special friend… happier occassions to celebrate… and many experiences to share.. i hope that 2009 will be the next episode of the beginnings that i’ve had in 2008… and with all of the people around me, for smiles to appear on each of their faces this coming year…

a HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR to all!! ^______^


  1. study harder and get a “one”
  2. get taller lose weight
  3. grow my hair to waist length again
  4. be more organized
  5. save money
  6. buy a SHINee, DBSK, and Super Junior cd (their next album)
  7. buy SM Town cd (which will be released some time this year)
  8. be active in my organizations (and to not quit)
  9. be faithful and loyal (one member per boyband LOL)
  10. always thank my parents and cedric and the people around me
  11. always remember that God is the center of everything
  12. enjoy life!

PIC SPAM of my idols!!

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SBS Gayo Daejun!!! OMG!!! all the performances!!! waaaaaaaaah!!! the piano and dance battle!!! JUNSU’s piano!! i love it coz it’s white! LOL. he sang My Everything!! Donghae sang that song too!! haha. then the dance battle!! TAEMIN!! are you sure you’re just 15 years old?!?!?! ahahaha and of course Yunho and Eunhyuk are always great dancers! and to seungri and jaebum too…

THe SHINee medley was awesome!! I love this group so much that i have followed them from the very beginning!! wahahaha… and they grow up so fast!! i can’t believe 3 of them are younger than me.

The WONDER BOYS are BACK!!!! wahahaha. this time they sang Nobody and Kissing You!!! omo!! the Kissing you part was so girly with the lollipops and everything!! But the NOBODY part was so hilarious!! They performed really great but for guys to be singing that song, it made me laugh and giggle so hard!!! I LOVE THEM!!! and Taemin was so cute with Sohee’s part!!

But the main reason why i really created this post is because of DBSK!!! OMG!!! They blew me so hard!! I expected a really great performance from them and i got it plus a BONUS!!! OMG!!!!!!!! OMGEEEEEEEE!!! Have you watched it until their ending pose??? Did i just see them turn their backs and remove their clothes halfway?!?!?! omo!! are they doing this to piss off the ones who banned their song? if they are, they did great!!! hahaha.. they killed two birds in one stone!! fan service and revenge!!! wahahaha…

no pictures… too tired… hahaha… i heard there was a BOA comeback but i haven’t seen it yet… but anyways…. i’ll watch it tomorrow, when the fans have uploaded HQ of all performances… go fan clubs!! i believe in you guys!!!

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What a night…

December 28, 2008

This is one of the most memorable dates of 2008. For reasons i know some of you know. LOL. I slept at Dana’s house in Las Pinas. And at this day, we therefore declare that we are best friends. Also for reasons i know most of you know. It was fun and i can’t even explain how happy i was. But unfortunately, night time came and sleeping time is nearing so we had to retire to our beds and get some rest. I know you all are wondering what we did. Hahahaha. Well, we did kikay stuffs, as per usual. Haha, while she was using the flat iron, i was painting my toenails in different colors. LOL. And the topic of opening our own parlor resurfaced! Hahaha. The last time we talked about the parlor was last February while we were helping our blockmates prepare for the JS Prom of the school one of our friends own. Rich kid T_T. As for the rest of the night, that’s a secret between us. But rest assured that we slept with grins in our faces. ^___^

December 29, 2008

The next day. We woke up around 10am, expecting my parents to be picking me up around this time which later became 1pm and then 2pm and then finally, 3pm! What did we do then? We checked on SHINee and DBSK!!! wahahaha! and i finally got her to like both groups!! plus we have been LSSing on Vanilla Love by Lee Hyunji and Onew (SHINee leader). And the girl is so cute and the song is too good that i can’t get it out of my head. I think we replayed the song for 20+ times!!! And her fave SHINee member is Minho! And that boy is so tall!! wahahaha. but i still love my Jonghyun even though he’s the smallest of the group and yet 2nd to the oldest. ^___^ plus we both love Jaejoong now!!! ahahahaha!!

afterwards, my parents picked me up exactly 3pm, then we watched a movie in Festival Mall, bought gifts for my goddaughter. and now i’m going to sleep.

PS. December 11, 2008: Dana gave me a reason to love her even more!!! ^_____^ Thanks bespernd!!


THE WONDER BOYS ARE BACK!! They sang Nobody and Kissing You in SBS Gayo Daejun!!! omo!!

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DBSJee: The Joint Gathering


this is the link to the site:


i have to go to this gathering!! it sounds so fun and it won’t really be a problem for me since the venue is seriously near my university (UPM)… weeeeeh!! i can’t wait!! and i’m a part of too!! hahaha… and so before i sign out and hibernate again.. i’ll leave a picture!!

smart line

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