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this video is so AMAZING!!! hahaha.. and you all know that Jonghyun is my current fave… but i like all of them… but it’s just that KEY really OWNED this video!!! that rap part of his and his half smexy smiles that’s in between shy and hot… LOL!!! when i first heard this song, i wasn’t really sure if i’d like it coz it sounded unlike SHINee’s LLO and NYSP(Replay)… But then i watched their first performance from Inkigayo and they OWNED the stage!!! and they’re such good dancers and that TAEMIN… oh my gad, don’t get me started on that boy… coz aaaaarggghhhh…. he’s freaking 3 years younger than me!!!! and so is Yamada Ryosuke… and what’s with people born in 1993???? they’re all grabbing my attention… even Sohee from Wonder Girls is getting my attention… and she’s from 1993 too!!!

but anyway, i watched that Inkigayo performance and i was like HAJIMAN SEXY~~!!!! ahaha.. that KEY can sure grab my attention… i can’t seem to remove that particular line off my head… but TAEMIN’s bowl cut VANISHED!!! in one night, he became this almighty god that looked so COOL!!! and at one point i even thought he had this resemblance to Miura Haruma (finally someone from my year 1990!!!) who was in Gokusen 3 and Koizora (i LOVE this movie!!!!) and 14 year old mother… hahaha… but anyway… TAEMIN really blew me off!!! And their dance break is way beyond awesome!!! *sigh* no words can even portray how much i’m so into this song… but here’s their first inkigayo perf… i remember people from soompi and (“Your #1 source for all things SHINee”) were spazzing so much… and people from (SHINee Philippines) were really happy… ^_____^

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