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Jonghyun, Taemin, Onew

when SHINee first debuted.. i LOVE Onew…

i still love him now… but something happened at the SMTown Concert that made my feelings for Onew waver… you know who it is?!?!

it’s our magnae TAEMIN!!

but i feel so sad that im crushing on someone 3 years younger than me.. T___T good thing my JONGHYUN is here to save me from my mild pedo-ness… nyahaha…

credits: soompi; shinee international forum

i’ll be back with more pix… haha.. i’ll sleep for now.. ^__^ and i’ll add more substance to this post too… haha…

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Love Like Oxygen MV – SHINee

THE MV is OUT!!!! woooooohooooo!!

from the very first slide in this MV, my eyes are already popping out… bwahahahaha!!

all of the guys looked absolutely hot in this MV… and their outfits!! hehe… jumpers!! and their collared polo!! i guess those who will do this routine dance would have to wear those types of clothes as well and chairs included!!! ^____^ ahhhh!!!

another fantastic song by SHINee!! This new group never ceases to amaze me!! wahahaha… (almost everything amazes me!! haha) this song is stuck to my head!!! wahahaha… after noona neomu yeppeo… this is another catchy but different type of catchy song… ahahaha… it’s more, mature? isn’t it? Taemin and his new hair is just so.. uurghhh!!! lovely!!!

Taemin looked so cool and so… hot??? especially in his close ups… whahahaha….

and Onew!!! i loved his shoe brushing at the start of the MV… wahahaha… and he gave the hat concept to taemin… it’s nice to see more of his face now…

Minho and his tall stature… hahaha.. his rap is so much better here.. actually i loved the rap part of Minho, Taemin and Key here!!

Aaaaah!! Key!! still love that growling voice.. nyahahaha….

of course Jonghyun!! the jumper looks great on you… and your voice is still so great!!! amazing!!!


and here is the live performance!! yey!! they sing a part of SHINee world and then the video transitions to Love Like Oxygen… ^_____^ omo! they’re such great dancers and singers!!! ahahaha…


And CONGRATULATIONS to SHINee for winning the Hot New Artist award in Mnet!!! nyahahaha… here’s the vid, subbed by shineesubs!!! ahhh!! onew cried!!! and they thanked LSM and the other father figures around them… and of course their parents!!

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Weeeek – NewS

aaaaaaah!!! NewS!!! this is the song i like the most from them… hahahaha…. the vid is from music station and they talke a little about how yamapi did a back flip after 4 years… haha… really dangerous and nishikido ryo was as handsome as ever!!! ^_____^

credits: ladytenshi01

it’s been a long time since i last listened to anything jpop… ahaahaha…. well.. i was first introduced to these guys through their jdoramas… honestly, i only know yamapi and nishikido ryo… as for the rest, i believe i have yet to get acquainted with their faces and learn their names… oh well… i guess i’ve just been missing the two so badly that’s why i searched for this song again… i do believe that this would be the first jpop boyband related post after a whole year???? ahahahaha… nah… i believe i wrote something abt Hey! Say! JUMP earlier this year… ahahaha… oh well… i love JE!!! they produce very great talent… hahaha…

Weeeek MV

credits: xzNightzx


and i do believe that i still have a crush on nishikido ryo even after seeing him play a very bad mean person in last friends.. his smile simply melts me… ^_____^

am i being pulled back to my jpop jdorama obsession?1?!?!

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SeoHyun SNSD playing the piano

Seohyun is just wicked!!! i didn’t know she could play the piano well!! and “Fantasie impromptu” is a dfficult piece… and her speed is amazing… i love her!!!

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Prisoner of Love – Utada Hikaru

credits: Katox209

Prisoner of Love – Utada Hikaru

Japanese Romaji Lyrics:

Heiki na kao de uso wo tsuite
Waratte iyake ga sashite
Raku bakari shiyou to shiteita

Naimononedari buruusu
Minna yasuragi wo motometeiru
Michitariteru no ni ubaiau
Ai no kage wo otteiru

Taikutsu na mainichi ga kyuu ni kagayakidashita
Anata ga arawareta ano hi kara
Kodoku demo tsurakute mo heiki da to omoeta
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Yameru toki mo sukoyaka naru toki mo
Arashi no hi mo hare no hi mo tomoni ayumou

I’m gonna tell you the truth
Hitoshirezu tsurai michi wo erabu
Watashi wo ouen shite kureru
Anata dake wo tomo to yobu

Tsuyogari ya yokubari ga muimi ninarimashita
Anata ni ai sareta ano hi kara
Jiyuu demo yoyuu demo hitori ja munashii wa
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Oh mou sukoshi da yo
Don’t you give up
Oh misute nai zettaini

Zankoku na genjitsu ga futari wo hikisakeba
Yori issou tsuyoku hikare au
Ikurademo ikurademo ganbareru ki ga shita
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Arifureta nichijou ga kyuu ni kagayaki dashita
Kokoro wo ubawareta ano hi kara
Kodoku demo tsurakutemo heiki da to omoeta
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Stay with me, stay with me
My baby, say you love me
Stay with me, stay with me
Hitori ni sasenai


With an indifferent face you tell a lie
Laughing until you feel sick
“Let’s have nothing but fun” you said

Feeling blue over desiring the impossible
Everyone is seeking tranquility
You’re struggling, but you’ve had enough
Now you’re chasing after a shadow of love

Since the day you appeared
My dull “everyday”s have begun to shine
Now I‘m able to think, “Feeling loneliness, being in pain – that’s not so bad”
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Through painful times and healthy times,
Stormy days and sunny days, let’s walk on together

I’m gonna tell you the truth
I chose an unforeseeably painful path
and you came to support me
You’re the only one I can call a friend

Fake displays of strength and avarice have become meaningless
I’ve been in love with you since that day
When I’m free, with time to spare, there’s no life in being alone
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Oh… Just a little more
Don’t you give up
Oh don’t ever abandon me
If the cruelty of reality tries to tear us apart
We’ll be drawn more closely to one another
Somehow, somehow, I have a feeling we’ll be able to stand firm
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Every day banalities quickly begin to shine brilliantly
You stole my heart that day
Loneliness and pain I thought I could deal with
I’m just a prisoner of love

Stay with me, stay with me
My baby, say you love me
Stay with me, stay with me
Don’t leave me alone again


i decided to watch Last Friends, a new jdorama featuring Nishikido Ryo of NewS, Nodame from Nodame Cantabile, the nurse in iryu team medical dragon, the bride in proposal daisakusen, and another guy im familiar with but i cant remember where… the details of the jdorama aren’t impt as of now… hehehe… i just love the opening song!!! so much!!! that’s why i immediately looked for the whole song in youtube… obviously, from the very first word, i knew it was sang by utada hikaru.. and im a huge fan of her songs.. it all started with First Love which also introduced me to hideaki takizawa, my other lovely guy… ahihihi… ^___^

anyway… enjoy listening!! i loved the lyrics and i know it’s so heartbreaking but i dunno why im smiling.. LOL…

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Love Sick

credits: maizakichi

Finally!! An FT Island post!! ahahaha…. i’ve wanted to post this for a while now.. i even prepared a draft for them but unfortunately, i was too lazy to finish it.. so im just posting this for fun… i love this song… haha.. Hongki’s voice is so good and i’ve had this small crush on jaejin hahahaha… oh well.. ^____^

and Hongki’s expressions are amazing… and he breaks his leg when singing the chorus!! how lovely… haha… the video above is from their debut while the one below is their music video…

credits: nurulshimazamli

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SM Town Let’s Go on a Vacation

credits: xkpopxfanx

i knew i’ve heard this song from somewhere!! coz at first i thought i got addicted to this coz i heard lee seunggi sing this at kbs… but what do i know!!! i kinda had a feeling i’ve heard this from somewhere.. and guess where????? DREAM CONCERT 08 of course!!! buhahahahaha!!! i was too preoccuppied with SuJu reuniting at that time… but yeah.. im still addicted to this catchy song…

here is the version of lee seunggi since i’ve grown to like his voice too… and this is from the dream concert!!!! ^___^

credits: sassouki04

i soooo love this song!!! expecially since SM TOWN sang this…. im so in love and amazed with this agency.. almost all of my obsessions come from them!! ^____^ and here is a live version of the song with SuJu and CSJH singing it… here

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080817 Donghae playing violin

credits: Symbelmyns@YT

i’ve got two words for this clip!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha…. donghae… i can’t believe after everything i’ve been through (crushing on SHINee members and DBSK members and other SuJu members), i still find myself falling back to his charms…. aaaaaaaaaaaah!! he never ceases to amaze me!!! ^______________^

and now, just when i thought that i am not that obsessed with donghae anymore (most probably because he still doesn’t want to cut his hair), this clip entered my life!!! nyahahahaha… omg!!! Donghae playing the violin was the cutest thing ever!!! hahahaha!!! and i know it’s been a very long time since i last posted.. and i have’t been posting anything about donghae recently… hahaha… but still!!! he’s my number one guy!! nyahahaha and i don’t think anything can change that!!

exams are over… and i’ve finally finished my impromptu speech so i can exhale quite a bit.. what more stress reliever is better than watching videos of donghae??? reminiscing from way back when… ahahaha…. omgeee…. and donghae’s verion of twinkle twinkle little star on the violin was soooo cute!!!! and did i mention that he looks sooooo adorable with that new haircut of his!?!?!?! (edit: it seems that he still hasn’t cut his hair and this was a recording from long ago T__T thnks to natsj for the heads up! ^_^)  hahaha… and in the end, he posed like Henry!!! nyahahahaha…

aaaaaaaaaaah!!!! DONGHAE!!!! i love him soooo much!!!!!!


and im so back in business!!! yeah…

and i have lots of fancams to watch from the SM Town concert, which accdg to my sources was such a blast!!!! ^__^

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