DBSK acapella + HUG

please work.. T_T

ahaha.. i love this video!! it’s an acapella medley of DBSK created and arranged by miuchuu4… haaay…

Songs include: Hug(Japanese), My Little Princess(Korean), My Destiny(Japanese), Somebody to Love(Japanese), Whatever They Say(Korean), In the Still of the Night(English), Unforgettable(Korean and not a cappella, but I love this song and I had to put it in here lol) <– from miuchuu4’s description of the video…

i personally love the acapella version of HUG.. ahaha.. and then there’s another video i found of them singing live for their concert.. the first part is a video presentation and the last part, they sing two acapella songs live… click here for the link..

and since i love their debut song too much.. here’s their MV.. and don’t they all look so cute??? waaaaaaaaah.. Jaejoong never fails to make my heart melt.. wahahaha…


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