heavendenied aka CIELO in GIF

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it seems that my embedding is not working again.. T_T

Link here

ahaha.. Francine posted this as a comment in my friendster account and i was like O_O THAT’s ME!!! hahaha… i guess she can be obsessed with some things easily… i remember when she made a video about me in sepia… LOL… now that is called “loving your friends too much”… haha.. but hey, i love this girl.. she makes me smile all the time… and even though she can be irritating at times (because she talks and talks like there’s no tomorrow and can easily get hyper at the worst possible moment e.g. when crushies are around) she truly is a very reliable girl who would always be there for you and try not to break her promises…

LOL.. and i do realize that she typed “STOLEN MY SOUL STOLEN MY HEART” in the GIF… that’s an excerpt from my fave DBSK song “TONIGHT”… hahaha.. i remember singing the song all the time that even she knows the song already.. though i wish she typed something closer to Donghae (of Super Junior) though… ^_^ i believe that Donghae is still number one in my heart… with the other SuJu members in number 2… and then followed by DBSK and then SHINee!!!! nyahahahaha… and then we also have FT Island and i think im gonna stop enumerating boybands now… haha..

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  1. 1

    Beena said,

    Ate Francine told me all about you including you being Donghae’s wife ^_^ I was like O_O when she told me you love SuJu, DBSK, SHINee and FT Island ^_^

  2. 2

    heavendenied said,

    oh beena!! francine told me about you too.. though i only know that you’re like me.. and i was soooo excited to see you last friday but francine burst my bubble and my dreams of finally spazzing over the boys with another fangirl is shattered.. T_T oh well.. i do hope we’ll meet soon!! haha.. let’s spread the love for the boys… and please vote for SuJu in the MTV Asia awards… hahaha… ^_^ that goes to all the readers as well!!!

  3. 3

    Beena said,

    hehe. it was kinda my fault >_< i went home on thursday night so… yeah.. T T

  4. 4

    cielo said,

    ahehe.. it’s ok.. i’ll see you soon anyways, right?? after this typhoon leaves our country perhaps?? LOL

  5. 5

    nick said,

    BI7cDA hi! hice site!

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