Yamada Ryosuke


OMGee~~ man, this boy sure grows up fast.. i first watched him at Tantei Gakuen Q.. and was pulled into the world of cuteness and Hey! Say! 7… this was the time i was unsure whether JE is the only company in japan coz they sure dominate the entertainment world there.. i mean, there’s arashi, NewS, Kanjani8, KATTUN… and then there’s ikuta toma too!! gawd… that entertainment company is just like SM entertainment (Korea).. but JE is more widespread since they also get lots of jdramas and almost all of the jdramas that i watch are full of JE people…

anyway, im here to talk about my cute little ryosuke… wahahaha… i can’t believe he’s 3 years younger than me… grrrr… i feel so old… man…

Yamada Ryosuke

~*info taken from wikki.theppn*~


  • Name: Yamada Ryosuke 山田涼介
  • Nickname: Yama-chan, Yamada kun, Ryo-chan
  • Birthdate: May 9, 1993
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
  • Lives: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Shoe size: 25 cm
  • Family:father, mother, younger sister
  • Fav. Food: Strawberry, Eggplant, Meat
  • Least Fav. Food: Tomato, Fermented Soybean
  • Hobbies: Cooking, Fishing
  • Fav. Subject: Everything except Math, Social Studies and Japanese [Why japanese? isn’t that his native language?? T-T i love japanese…]
  • Fav. No.: 4
  • Fav. Color: White
  • Fav. Sport: Soccer
  • Charming Point: Well-padded cheek, eyes
  • Type of Girls: just the way she is, short hair (refreshing), cheerful, nice & kind [runs to the salon and cuts my long hair short]
  • Group: Hey! Say! JUMP
  • Former group: Kitty Jr, Tap Kids, Hey! Say! 7
  • Admiried senior: Domoto Koichi
  • PVs participated in: Seishun Amigo, Venus, Fever to Future.
  • Closest friend: Nakajima Yuto



  • He thinks that collecting coins is fun. [omo! Donghae of Super Junior loves collecting coins too! ^-^]
  • He is very close to Nakajima Yuto.
  • He says he does not want to have a girlfriend yet because he wants to be more successful in his career.
  • He doesn’t like criticism.
  • He is a loud person. [he looks so quiet though]
  • He is good at mimicking people (monomane).
  • He likes hanging out with other Hey! Say! JUMP members, especially with Nakajima Yuto.
  • He began to become friends with Yuto when Yuto asked him to walk home together after school.
  • He treasures his two pet guinea pigs, his rabbit, and his hamster.
  • He is afraid of ghosts, dark places, and airplanes. [me too!! though im not really scared of airplanes.. wait, he has to fly on airplanes for tours and such??? awww.. poor yama-chan~]
  • He likes girls who are kind and honest.
  • He claimed he wanted to be Ultra Man when he was a child but as he got older, he decided that he wanted to be a soccer player. [LOL!! what’s with me and guys who love to play soccer??? i tend to be linked to them somehow]
  • When they were filming the Pv of Ultra Music Power, he and Nakajima Yuto fought over Chinen Yuuri for being their younger brother.

wearing a cap/hat

wahahaha~~ have you guys forgotten that i told you how much i love guys who look good in hats??? waaaaaaaaah!!! yamada was so cute before.. and now he’s turning into something hot!!! nyahahahaha… he’s growing up and looking as fine as ever… [but that still doesn’t change the fact that you’re 3 years older than him cielo…] [cielo: mou~~ you don’t have to rub salt on my wound.. T-T heytyu! *runs away*]

here are vids of him that i wanted to post.. it’s not too much compared to my other posts since there’s not many vids on him on youtube.. so this would only be a few… well.. lucky me i stayed up late and continued clicking and clicking and found so many things to share… ^_^

Seishun Amigo – this was originally sang by Nobuta wo Produce lead characters Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa aka Shuji and Akira… the boys (Yamada and Yuto) were so young back then.. cute.. ^-^ if you want to watch the orig vid which is awesome as well.. click here (Shuji to Akira)…

Hey! Say! – Yamada Ryosuke Version.. in short.. it’s all him!! cuteness!! waaaah…

Hey! Say! PV – here is the version with all the members of Hey! Say! 7 back when they were still temporary since they have become a permanent group under the name Hey! Say! Jump… ^-^

HEY! SAY! LIVE – OMG!! at 0:26-0:28 someone just backflipped without hands (i think it’s Chiinen?)!!! SUGOIII!!!! this is performed by Hey! Say! 7.. the subgroup with the younger members… i guess they kept the name so fans won’t be so confused as to why they sing this… But this is just so nostalgic..

Dreams Come True PV – Hey! Say! JUMP.. they have two subgroups: Hey! Say! Best (which contains all the onii-chans) and Hey! Say! 7 (which contains the 5 younger boys)…

Yamada’s Love Letter – waaaaaaaaah.. wish this was for me.. or someone would give me a letter like this… huwaaaaa!!!! soooo touchy… this is like the part 1.. after this, he performs PERFUME which is the part 2 vid…

Perfume – waaaaaaah.. his voice is deeper compared to the Seishun Amigo days… still cute.. now being hot little by little.. ^-^

Perfume Live Subbed – another great performance.. i still can’t get over the fact that he’s maturing.. ^-^ nyaaaaaah.. he still dances so great… and those pirouettes are so good… he makes pirouettes look poppy and like everybody can do it.. doesn’t he get dizzy with all those spinning??? anyway… Yama-chan hearts…

Asia no Yoru – another performance i found in youtube.. LOL… his dancing at the beginning was love… it’s like flamingo or something connected to ballroom dance.. i guess he specializes in that and the spinning too… WAH!! i just remembered that i also like guys who know how to dance (ballroom included!!)… waaaaah.. now im wishing that we’re the same age.. T_T

Seishun no Kazuna – i included this vid here since Yamada is so good in dancing and singing as well.. but i think the main stars here are the 3casts of Gokusen 3… nyaaaah.. i’ve been watching 4 episodes now so when i watched this vid i was like “I KNOW THESE PEOPLE!!!” so yeah.. Takaki Yuya is from HS JUMP and the other two are from B.A.D. and then there’s a voice over at 1:01-1:07 where Akanishi Jin gives a message to his kouhais (lowerclass men.. in short, younger than him)… i love interactions with company mates… LOL… ^-^ and i love it how the sempais cheer on their kouhais.. WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! YAMADA just backflipped at the end!!! waaaah…



waaaaaaaaaaaaah!! he’s so cute when he was still a kid back then.. but he’s still cute now… waaah.. ok.. i think im gonna stop here… hehe.. so many vids.. LOL.. i didn’t expect that i’ll ge carried away… so it’s official.. the first person to pull me out of KPOP fandom is: YAMADA RYOSUKE!! i’ve been wanting to go back to jdoramas but my kpop bands won’t let me since im soooooo addicted to them… but anyway.. now i can share the love between my KPOP and JPOP equally now… ^-^ though im still more biased on KPOP than JPOP but i still dedicate more time to JDORAMA than KPOP…. anyway… hahaha… im sooooo tired and i want to sleep but i really wanted to post this so much…


i wish i could’ve given the link to the Special Drama “Sensei wa Erai!” where Yamada, Yuto, Chiinen and another H!S!7 were casted as lead roles.. but anyway.. i’ll just edit this post when i wake up tomorrow, along with the pix of my cute little Ryosuke… ^-^

here are the links to Sensei wa Erai!! yippee!! and they’re subbed and can be viewed in high quality!!

part 123 (Yamada’s first appearance!) – 45(no hq available)678910 Final


pictures!! LOL.. i got carried away again.. hahaha… random pix from when he was young and present…

smart ryu tantei


smile~~ wah ^_^

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  1. 1

    Bianca said,

    lmao xD nice!
    runs to the salon to cut long hair short=lol >.<
    he rly is great ne?
    lol if u want to read a good fanfic on him: http://datchiproductions.co.nr

  2. 2

    paulina said,

    yo amo a yamada y es mio y solo mio y no lo comparto a nadie

  3. 3

    Nimsah said,

    same problem here. he is 3 years younger than I am. he sure is cute.

  4. 4

    julien said,

    yama-chan is very cute
    i love his songs
    dat’s all
    sorry coz’ it’s very short

  5. 5

    yopo said,

    woooooooooooooow woow wooow what this your name??????????????????????

  6. 6

    ella said,

    sO cute sO handsoMe sO perfeCt,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    I love hiM


    likE my kiBum


  7. 7

    Cherri said,

    yamda kun is soooooooo kawaii^^
    sux 4 me thought i have hair so long its past my butt lolz but
    i plan to cut it soon(hopedully =3)
    im so happy cuz he is one yr older than me lolz
    and 4 some reason i always c me and him in a mv together lolz (weird and kawaii)
    im going to college in japan anywayz and m gonna try and be a singer 4 sony music japan~lolz and then i plan to meet yamada and the rest of Hey! Say! JUMP♥
    ~my dream seems so impossible now T-T but i won’t give up^^ i guess i could have an advantage since i’m part japanese~^^

  8. 9

    cleofe said,


  9. 10

    Cherri said,

    btw thnx 4 posting this page^^
    i had fun reading all the trivia and stuff lolz
    uhmm could u make one about chinen yuuri 2 lolz ^^

  10. 11

    zinca said,

    thx for posting this text

  11. 13

    cleofe said,


  12. 14

    cleofe said,

    chogakosiy ninarimachits^0^/

  13. 15

    wulvie said,

    happy birthday yamada ryosuke-kun! he is probably the most handsome teen in japan, well also add yuri chinen… he’s so cute!

  14. 16

    ryeowook0621 said,

    haha, i think you have the same case with me…but different person. the one who brings me out from kpop love is yuto. he takes me to another place call jpop love…haha. but yamada is another guy that makes me love jpop even more. love hsj!! hsj hwaiting!…

  15. 17

    I just found him in the internet and was searching for some pictures as I found your blog.
    Thank you very much for SOOO much infos.

    I’m happy that I know him now he’s just sooooooooo cute!! And he is almost the same age like me (he’s only 3 1/2 month older)! That’s so cool, because all the idols,singer, actors I like are so much older than me, it’s nice to find someone who’s the same age. Aww and he’s so cute!
    Now I decided that I want to marry him. ^_~

  16. 18

    megumi said,

    es solo un presumido

  17. 19

    honey may said,

    OMG!! ur sooo kawaii!!!!! i looove u… im ur #1 fan!!!
    p.s im learning japanes so i can talk to u.. xoxo sayonara

  18. 20

    Kimmeh Wentz said,

    Awwwwwhh i love Yamada hes sooooooo cutee.xx thanks honey for introduing me to the most adorable boy in the world. =]

  19. 21

    rein said,

    he really is something.. 😀
    and very ideal kind of man…

    he really is very kawaii and kakoii… 😀
    i hope to see him someday.. 😀 eee~


  20. 22

    Vũ Vũ said,

    I like yamada

  21. 23

    Hey!Say!JUMP said,


  22. 24

    i think he’s cute.but i like takaki better

  23. 25

    Ezra_love_ryosuke said,

    He don’t like Japanese subject?Well that’s my second favorite!

    Type of girls, I think I’m one of them….heheheehe…


    Well, all I can say, he is really born to be the New generation’s Big Star….

    Omedeto Gozaimasu Ryosuke!

  24. 26

    Ezra_love_ryosuke said,

    By the way, he’s afraid of ghost? Well, if he is with me, I will asked him to close is ees when I already saw an image of a ghost….heeeeeehehehehehe

    Don’t like criticism me too…


    Ok!Last word for now,

    Message to Ryosuke,


  25. 27

    jannica said,



  26. 28

    Ezra_Love_Ryosuke said,

    I watch tantei Gokuen Q in net and also Scrap teaher… Ryo-chan(because i was said that he wants to call him as ryo-chan) really good in acting…. Bast actor ever! Omedeto Ryo-chan!

  27. 29

    SERKAN said,


  28. 30

    yAmAgO_o09 said,

    kOnNiChI wA!! I rEaLLy, rEaLLy LOVE my nO. 1 iDoL rYo-chAn!!
    hE iS sOoOoO cUtE!!! KAWAII!!!!
    aHhHmMm…. sPeEcHLeSs!!!

    gOd bLeSs & tAkE cArE!!

    -yAmAgO oF hEy!sAy!5-


  29. 31

    yAmAgO_o09 said,

    P.S. …..hEhE (o_<)

    -sOmEdAy I wILL gO tO J.A.P.A.N.!!!
    & i wILL fInD tHe Hey! SaY! JUMP!!! wHaHaHaHa!!!

    -tHaT's aLL aRiGaToU!!-

  30. 32

    kira said,

    you’re just a cute guy ne………..

  31. 33

    Yama-chii said,

    Very cute and talented japanese boy -^^-! Hope that he’ll continue this way !

  32. 34

    honey said,

    i love him!!!

  33. 35

    gracia said,

    you are so cute!!!
    i admire youre very cute face……

  34. 36

    nita said,

    yamada is verry cute guy, when Hey Say jump come to Indonesia ????????

  35. 37

    akarui said,

    do all the best oke?

  36. 38

    lefey said,

    kawwwaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii neeeeeeeeeeeee

  37. 39

    iu said,

    your friend is so cute you also………….
    i hope i can meet you one day *-*

  38. 40

    iu said,

    you are very cute your friend also…………………
    i hope i can meet you one day *-*

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