Hey! Say! JUMP! – Haneru no Tobiya and Shin Domoto Kyoudai



i actually watched this because of Yamada Ryosuke!! and now i can’t help but fall in love with the other members as well.. they kind of grew on me… nyaaaaaah… ^-^ it has subs but not 100% but you can understand what they’re doing based on their expressions and actions..

in Part 1, it starts with a little talking by some people (sorry, idk who they are) and then the girl introduces her “little brother” and all of a sudden, Chiinen enters with a series of flips along with his bandmates and then they sing and dance and hen CHIINEN SPLITS!! OMG!! gawd.. that boy sure is flexible.. oh.. Yamada is the one wearing the red jacket.. nyahahaha… then the girl says that their ave age is 15!!! buhahahaha… sooo young.. their youngest is Ryutaro who is just 12yrs old and is in grade 6 of elementary school!!! (o.O now that is YOUNG!!)… haha… and Yabu, the oldest is just 17!! then they proceed to talks about food.. LOL… then we learn that Okamoto is a son of an actor someone from Johnny’s [passerby corrected me on this one ^-^ it’s in the comments].. hehehe.. and then Yaotome says that “Yaotome (Virgin Girl)” is his real name and it is not his stage name.. So his whole name is Yaotome Hikaru (Virgin Girl Hikaru??? O.o)… and then we proceed to Inoo Kei who has the same name with a cartographer and the hosts ask him if he also makes maps then he tells the camera “I don’t make maps!”.. LOL.. so they start the game now where the objective is to give the full name of the abbreiation that is given.. for example, Netto is the abbreviation of Internet and CD is compact disk… i like the part where Yabu was like “What are you trying to do?? It’s going to be my turn soon..” to the girl before him got a mistake so the question can’t continue on to him and then he follows up with “We have 10 people, we have to go through all 10..” LOL!! and it was so cute when ryutaro made a mistake and the hosts scare him by saying that he might lose if he lets go of the handle bec he’s little so he reaches for the handle and it’s so high up!! and then the girl touches his armpits and he was like “Ah chotto.. Yamete kudasai.. honto ni…” and then he admits that he’s nervous!! LOL and the girl gets accused of being a pervert!! wahahahaha!!

in Part 2, Ryutaro is given another chance since he made a mistake at the end of part 1.. but then the girl makes a mistake and was punished by sniffing one of the host’s shoe for 10 seconds and then when the game was resumed, Chinen wasn’t able to answer and then Ryu shoves/saves him (3:05) and the girl got the punishment coz she’s their older sister.. and the scene after this is pure LOVE!!!! at 3:32 she starts pushing Chinen and then Yamada hugs/protects/comforts Chinen!! ^-^ then she pushes him again while saying “don’t mind” yet this time, he pushes her back.. and then she started to go at Chinen then at 3:47 and then Yamada and Okamoto protected Chinen!!! yaaaaaah!! pure LOVE!!! and then Ryu started saying “whatever the case, violence is wrong,” and then the girl was like “It’s your fault in the first place!!” and then Yuto and Yabu protected Ryu while Ryu hid behind his onii-chan’s back.. ^-^ and then the group tried to push her away from Ryu and they pushed too hard and she fell… and then the hosts were like “This is violence..”.. waaaaaaaaaaaah.. 3:00-4:08 is being replayed and replayed in my pc!! wahahaha.. i can’t get enough of this… and after that, the game continues but there are mistakes and Yaotome was like “There are a few questions left!” and “I want to even touch the handle!”.. buhahaha.. poor Yaotome, he wasn’t able to play… then he was asked if he had fun and he was like “Not really..”.. wahahaha… i swear, im starting to love this kids now!! ^-^


PART 1/ PART 2/ PART 3/ PART 4/ PART 4.5(30secs)/ PART 5

Seriously!!! this is a must-watch for Hey! Say! JUMP fans.. everybody from Hey! Say! JUMP is included and introduced.. i think this was just after they debuted… anyway, the subs are pretty hard to read since it’s so small… but i was able to bear it and still enjoy the show… they share so many information!! i won’t write summary here anymore since as you have seen at the one above… it’s just so detailed and i can’t omit some parts and if i would really write about this show, then i would most definitely be writing the whole script!!! wahahaha… im really loving these boys.. spread the love!!!! wahahaha.. ^-^ anyway, the hosts are members of Kinki Kids though i don’t really know who they are.. T_T they seem to be an inspiration to some of the boys.. so i’d probably look up on them later.. ^-^

Hey! Say! JUMP


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  1. 1

    passerby said,

    just to let you know.. if you did not know..
    okamoto keito.. just keito for short is not the son of an actor..
    hes the son of okamoto kenichi which is from otokogumi which is from johnny’s considered a daisenpai..

  2. 2

    heavendenied said,

    oh oh.. i see.. haha.. thanx so much for the info.. i didn’t get it that much since im new to hey say jump.. ^_^

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