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052908 Recital

It’s 12:12am right now.. i just came home from choir practice since we’re singing on Saturday… too bad i can’t come to the wedding tomorrow since i have something to attend to at school… and after that, i will meet up with my cuz and she will treat me because she’s sooooo bored.. LOL… and tomorrow in the afternoon, SHINee is going to perform in KBS Music Bank live… T_T i won’t be able to watch it because of my sched but it’s ok.. i will watch them next time… and youtube links will probably be up after a few minutes anyway… gawd SHINee’s fame is surely rising.. and they’re the first band that i’ve watched from the beginning.. meaning i’ve learned and got interested in them right after their MV is released and before they even debuted…

anyway.. i’m not supposed to talk about SHINee right now… and i got limited time since im so sleepy so i’ll be quick about this…

today yesterday was my second piano recital, my first one being with Yamaha 4years ago… and i was with my brother since he also has a recital but he’s on drums… and HE’s REALLY GOOD~ hahahaha… i admit that i’ve made approximately 4 mistakes or even more… haaayyyy.. oh well, i knew it was my fault since i didn’t really take the recital seriously this year… i didn’t even practice the day before.. instead, i just surfed the net etcetera etcetera…

grrrr… i’m so sleepy… im gonna update tomorrow with pics and more stories as to our post recital celebration… LOL… nyt…

anyways, im back… took me days to check my blog again… and yeah.. now that i came back, i’ll try to make this as short as possible and not very detailed… i’m actually reading on SHINee in their forum at soompi… so, yeah… hmm…

after i screwed up my performance, it was time for the group picture with my fellow participants.. hehe… after that, i took a pic with my teacher… really, i think he’s the best teacher i’ve had… and i’ve been through 3 piano teachers already… haha.. afterwards, we went to Super Bowl of China to eat lunch.. Francine was like “nakakahiya naman po sa inyo”.. and my mom was like “anu ka ba francine…”.. LOL… hahahaha…

anyway, i went camwhoring and pulled francine and my dad in it… hahahaha… anyway, i actually ate a lo but i wasn’t really full.. i felt like i had a bottomless stomach at that time.. after that, we decided to go to the mall… they dropped me and francine at Powerplant while my parents and cedric would go to makati med so their skin problems would be fixed.. haha… anyway… me and francine checked out some clohing stores and i tried one dress… honestly, i liked it soooooooooooo much… it’s a black dress that flows to my knees… anyway, so much about that…

we went to powerstation to sing karaoke!!! hahaha.. then i dragged francine to the orange room and quickly browsed through the asian songs.. and i was sooooooooo happy to find familiar songs there.. i sang catch you catch me.. and then some other anime songs.. and then i was looking for my korean songs… and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! so happy to find Tonight by DBSK available!! buhahahaha.. and when i saw Miracle and U of SuJu… i was already jumping up and down out of happiness… and yeah.. so we spent the whole time there and of course i wouldn’t forget about dancemania.. i needed to know if i still hadn’t lost my touch and of course,,, as usual… i still have it… LOL… nyahahaha…

gawd.. i sang Don’t Don.. and also Kissing you of SNSD.. and also FT Island songs… nyaaaaaaaaah.. my day couldn’t get any better!! wahahahahaha… im just soooo happy…

yeah.. so that’s it… haha..

phew!! good thing i’ve finished this before i get obsessed with SHINee again… watchig SHINee vids again!!! REPLAY REPLAY REPLAY!!!!

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Summer Memories

besides the fact that I have a fanfic which is entitled “A Summer’s Worth of Memories”… I do have a lot of precious memories this summer… many things have happened.. some of them made me laugh and some of them made me cry.. but all in all… this summer has really been quite eventful even for me that i will never forget this… first of all… i went to 4 different provinces [batangas, tagaytay, baguio, marinduque] and a few others but didn’t stay for long in those..  i stayed at a week tops…

i came back from marinduque just last night and i was really laughing at myself… i actually went there to go to the dance night of the fiesta but it turns out that i can’t go since it rained and the road is muddy and i don’t want to walk that far anyway… it also means ‘no new boys for cielo’.. LOL… haayyyy… it’s ok though.. i was rewarded with boys when i came back.. i knew that my summer won’t be complete without knowing at least a few boys… anyway, those new boys of mine come in the form of SHINee~~ i guess you’ve already read my post before this… they just debuted earlier this day… nyahahahaha… add them up to my collection of boybands… wahaha..

anyway. i have new friends though… One of them is Xedric… i met him at my brother’s graduation.. Xedric is the classmate of Bien who is the older brother of Brian who happens to be Cedric’s classmate… yep, Xedric and Cedric are pronounced the same.. haha… i was so happy to have met this great guy.. he never fails to make me laugh and the only thing he says he can’t do is to “disappoint a girl”.. gentleman?? maybe… i never really saw him after the graduation.. we just keep in touch through our cellphone…

anyway… gawd, i really have tall cousins~ i wonder why they didn’t spare me some genes in terms of height.. i was talking to one of my cousins and if i look straight, i would see his body… my HEAD didn’t even reach his SHOULDER~ what the hell????? i can’t believe i’m so short… poor me.. T_T and my other cousin, ephraim, remember him?? if not, read this post… well.. he just told me that he is STILL in love with me… and how do i take this news??? of course, i shrugged it off.. i mean, yeah, i do like him.. but right now, i feel that i just like him like him… hmmm… as in cousin like… haaayyy.. such a very complicated life…

anyway, i still have to mention my bestfriend “mako” my pare’s birthday celebration alongside jason my sponsor and kuya martin… well, it was fun and i really missed the dayzer people… i actually missed my batchmates and seeing them really made me happy.. i have my bestfriend to thank for that… and earlier this morning, i received a text message saying “pare ang ganda mo crush kita” which was OBVIOUSLY from mako… and by the time my eyes refocused from the light, i was at first dumbfounded as to why he would send a message like that.. and then i laughed~~ wahahahaahaha.. coz i knew that he is drunk.. and from the way he texted me, it was obvious he was not thinking straight.. LOL… if i meet that guy [oh, speaking of my bestfriend, he just messaged me in YM].. i would definitely give him a looooong sermon on drinking and getting drunk… wahahahaha… ohmo~ pare just asked me for links of FT Island… and now im on FT Island craze again… gosh,. when can i write another post where it doesn’t include any boybands???

anyway.. i think i won’t be able to refocus myself into writing more if this post so i would end this for now… probably tomorrow i can post more on how my vacation was… hahahaha… i dunno if getting obsessed with boybands is a good thing or a bad thing for me… hahaha… ^_^

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SHINee – Noona, You Are So Pretty [Replay] MV

gawd… i just came back from the province last night and was preparing to write my post about FT Island… When I started reading blogs of different people, i saw something which caught my eye… A new group that would debut under SM Entertainment… waaaaah~~ I’ve already stated that SM is my favorite label since they bropught DBSK, Super Junior and SNSD… Now, they produced another batch of talents… SHINee~~

well.. their ages range from 14-18 which is weird since i’m 17 and born in 1990… hmm.. if i make another fanfic, then i would definitely get paired up with the leader or the lead singer… gawd.. i still haven’t memorized their names… but it would only be a couple of minutes when i memorize their names.. ahahahaha… i can’t believe i’ve watched their MV for 2hours already and just now, their debut performance… LOL… well.. it’s catchy… ^-^ watch~~

and don’t forget to watch their debut performance too.. which was just released an hour or so ago… wahahahaha… watch it here… and watch this vid too.. it’s their rehearsal from somewhere?.. and they’re sooooo good in dancing… i swear~~ here

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Se7en – Come Back To Me [english version]

Come Back To Me [English version] ~ Se7en

So hard not to think about it
It’s every step I take
And heaven knows I’m trying
But it gets awfully hard
When your heart is this broken

Visions of your lovely face
As I awake, I have this feeling
That you’re here and beside me
How silly of me, I know

all the pain will go away
so I say it, here I am again
I gotta face another day
I’m so tired, I need u once again oh baby

How am I suppose to carry on,
I find myself singing the same old song
If you hear me, have it in ur heart
but please come back to me (oh baby)

I’ll be right here if you need someone
If you hold another I’ll be moving on
As easy as said
Just hope that I can see the road

Oh how it’s been so long
It seems a lifetime passed
These memories that linger,
soon as I think they have gone
they only gotten stronger

And so I’m getting through a day
but every move was made was always you and I together
It’s hard to believe im lonely

Is there gonna be a day
I can see the word to make me better
I know there has to be a way
So if you listen and hear me out, oh baby

How am I suppose to carry on,
I find myself singing the same old song
If you hear me, have it in your heart
but please come back to me (oh baby)

I’ll be right here if you need someone
if u hold another one i’ll be moving on
as easy as said
just hope that i can see the road


one two three four five six seven


when you hear seven turn it up
you’re one in a million,
dunno how we got so wrong
I thought it was so simple then
now I know, now I know, how it goes
to let it go

Can there be a chance for you and I?
Before I really make up my mind
oh how I miss you
I never would kiss you
I’m speaking it from my heart

How am I suppose to carry on,
I found myself singing the same old song
If you hear me, have it in you heart

I’ll be right here if you need someone
if you hold another I’ll be moving on
just hope that I can see the road
come back to me baby


well… i’ve been browsing through my favorites in youtube and i stumbled upon Xman with DBSK’s Yunho and Jaejoong as guests.. i watched Jaejoong as he sang a rock song and then a country song.. i then saw in the related videos side bar se7en’s performance at that time.. he did the handstand and the back flip so perfectly that he got 7 out of 7 votes… hahaha.. he’s so good and his dancing really is something… to watch the clip in youtube, click here.. credits goes to the uploader of the vid coolsmurf…

and so i started going over my piles of videos on se7en… and my account is a mess and i remember doing a blog about him the semester before… and i figured that it was on my other blog.. so i browsed through that one too and stumbled upon one of my favorite songs from him which is Come Back To Me… i liked both versions, the korean and english.. it’s just that at that time, i wasn’t into the korean language yet so i basically fell in love with his english version most probably because i wasn’t expecting him to speak great english but surprisingly, and much to my amazement, he does pronounce well.. ^-^

and so it’s like this… i used to like him so much especially after watching Prince Hours [Goong S] where he was the lead character.. it was not as good as it’s predecessor which is princess hours since that show became such a hit and because kim jeong hoon is there and i lurv him so much… and ok im blabbing so back to the topic… but i do think he did well in that series alongside his other costars.. i personally liked the girls.. just because the main girl was cute and the other girl was a familiar face and i really really like her.. i sorry i don’t really know their names so well.. this post is what i call an impromptu post that i just type and type and therefore, i don’t research for their names.. but i might follow up this post and be clear on their names next time.. [though i doubt i would be able to do that since my mood changes so often T_T]… edit: ok… i know the girl’s name… Park Shin Hye~~ haha… i love the girl coz she’s so pretty… watch this vid.. it’s like a tribute to the series and i loved how se7en placed the necklace on her.. even though they’re not the main couple, anything involving Park Shin Hye becomes interesting for me.. she’s a good actress…

and i’ve watched some vids of se7en dancing since he’s so good at it.. and he’s 2 years younger than Rain… that much i know… LOL… you guys should watch his MVs~~ his songs are so good and i even remember having a chat with my dayzer friend igy.. he gave me a link to two guys dancing Se7en’s Passion since he said that they were so good and that he liked the song and i was like “i’ve heard this song before~”… LOL.. and in the end, i bombarded him with links to se7en’s dances.. haha…

PASSION MV – i promise that this song has been in my playlist for a good amount of time.. it just got stuck in my head and his dance moves are so great and i still can’t believe he can do handstands with such ease…

PASSION LIVE RADIO STATION – OH MY GAWD.. you absolutely really as in REALLY have to watch this cuteness and coolness clip~~ he sings live in the radio station and then he does this random cool things like use the megaphone for his beatbox.. and then when he removed his headphones and started dancing to the song and does his handstand and the girl MC of the radio show was like saying “waaaah~~” to the mic that se7en put down..

Aitai MV – you have to see this if you’re into hana kimi japan… the guy here is yamamoto yusuke.. you know, the guy with the ghost thing going on.. nakatsu’s room mate~~ ^_^ basically, the vid’s about a girl who’s insecure about her new haircut.. lol… but hearing se7en sing in japanese is not bad… i actually like it.. and yes, it’s also the first time i’ve heard this song… haha… i kinda stumbled upon this earlier.. it’s a slow song and this kinda showcases that he has a nice voice..

COME BACK TO ME [korean version] – i absolutely love this song.. i first heard this a year ago.. and now that i suddenly remember him again.. and saw the lyrics.. i was like ” I STILL KNOW THE SONG~~”.. i guess it’s really been stuck to my head.. considering that i used to sing this to someone.. but now i’m good.. haha.. i’ve embedded the english version along with the lyrics so watch it.. aarrghhh… i can’t take it off my head… [how am i supposed to carry on~~ i’ve found myself singing the same old song~~] ok imma stop singing right now and continue with the post…

Lalala MV – another slow song but is definitely dancable.. though this is not one of my favorites.. i still wanted to include this coz of the jap version..

Lalala [jap version] – because japanese is one of my fave languages… haha…

I KNOW MV – i love this song too.. it’s like whenever passion comes up, nan arayo always comes second… also wicked dancing in this mv.. so random.. LOL.. he does the back flip here..

One More Time MV – uhmm.. just watch it.. also not one of my faves but still worth watching..

PASSION and I KNOW [LIVE PERFORMANCE] – at first, there was a technical problem since the song stopped and repeat… but he kept his school and was so professional.. LOL… he’s good and he did the handstand and flip so freaking perfectly…

ok.. so before i wrap this up, watch this vid where he performs “oh no” and he has Big Bang as his back up dancers.. i think this was when they were still a group of 6 but then the other one was too shy on stage so they became five.. im not really sure though…

FUN FACT: I was obsessed with Se7en before i was obsessed with Super Junior and DBSK~~ actually, at first i liked Rain since he dances so well but then Se7en comes prancing in my desktop pc and starts overwriting my Rain files.. so there… i do admit that rain still is better in dancing but in the overall package.. i think i’ll give it to Se7en… im so biased since se7en sang my fave song [come back to me]… LOL~~ but really now, se7en just oozes with charisma and you never get tired of watching him dance.. and he really performs live so well~~ i have to give this to YG entertainment.. they have a really great talent…

i heard he’s going to perform in the US so i wish him the very best..

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Addicted to TONIGHT by DBSK/TVXQ

Dong Bang Shin Ki ~ Tonight

WOO! How are you doing out there? (OOH~)
Ha… This song… makes you fall in love again…
It makes you happy… with love
Baby right now, right here (MM~~)

naui sonur jabayo narur gadug angoso
gasum giphi gideyo dure cheoni sumyo durge
chamur suga objyo gude jagun tollime
nan yongwonhi guderur ipgo OH BABY
dashin bogo shipho haji anun danungor argejyo

ne ane gudege nomuna nomchyo
(irun achim hessarui taduthamijyo)
sumur shwisu jocha obnun goryo
(jamdun gudeui phumaneso~)
nerin birur majun ai chorom
deji wie phurin (OH YEAH) sarang chorom

Now I know… why those people are saying love is blind
I believe my heart belongs to you…
I love you… more than I do

ne gasum aneso guden machi burdong ori chorom
hayahge bunjyo gago ijyo modu tewo boryoyo
kuthi obnun yorjong~ guder gajingor~ OOH WO~

ne ane gudege nomuna nomchyo
(sara sumshwinun nega nukyo jinungor)
sumur shwisu jocha obnun goryo
(ne mom ane chungmanhan gude~)
nerin birur majun ai chorom
deji wie phurin sarang chorom (WO~~ YEAH)

nomuna giphun igamjong dojohi
gamdanghar jashini obsoyo
ne maum soge gudega jun sarangi~
jomjom narur samkyo gago inungor
guden ne ane gotongur nohgo
aphumdurun jomjom hwanhirur mandurjyo~

ne ane gudege nomuna nomchyo
(irun achim hessarun nege onungor)
sumur shwisu jocha obnun goryo
(jamdun gudeui phum aneso~)
nerin birur majun ai chorom
deji wie (OH~ YEAH) phurin sarang chorom

MY…. OH~~ (OOH~ YE~~)

ne ane gudege nomuna nomchyo
sumur shwisu jocha obnun goryo
nerin birur majun ai chorom
deji wie phurin sarang chorom~


i chose this live one [but hero’s voice cracks at the end but he redeems himself with that awesome voice of his] instead of the mv but if you want to hear the music video.. watch here.. and this one has English subs.. this one is another good live perf.. and this one too.. and this one takes too long too load but is the best perfomance according to the uploader, they were raising money here, i think.. and this one too, though junsu trips on his part a little bit at the beginning… and this one too, junsu and changmin got the right vocals and is identical to the music video, so GOOD~~ hehe.. and ok, i’m gonna stop giving you links.. LOL~~ AND the lyrics i put there is for the MV.. because the one i embeded is the shorter version of the song since junsu didn’t sing his line and they jumped to jaejoong’s part.. so there.. haha..

oh gawd.. i cannot express how addicted i am to this song right now… i know i’ve been addicted to this song 2 years ago when i was still in high school and it was the first time i saw dbsk… i knew the song was good and was stuck to my my head for weeks but i was a diligent student back then so i wasn’t into youtube that much… i know i haven’t been paying attention to dbsk lately, ever since super junior came into my life brought to me especially by heechul whom i saw in bad family.. haha.. and then donghae didn’t help either with that cute face of his.. nor siwon’s expressions!! hahaha… then there’s sungmin and kibum too!! ok, i should stop mentioning names right now ‘coz i might mention everyone in super junior!! LOL..


anyway, back to the topic… i just can’t get rid of this ‘tonight’ mania that i have in my head.. it’s like when i was addicted to happiness and don’t don of super junior.. and i keep on playing them and putting them on repeat… and basically, that’s how i memorized the song.. and that took like a hundred times per song.. LOL!! jaejoong’s voice is really so… how do i explain this?? hmm… heavenly!! AND he CAN hit high notes!! i was suuuuuuuper amazed with his falsetto!!! i mean, how many guys can pull of a good falsetto???? and the reason i became addicted to dbsk is because of jaejoong’s voice.. i know that i’ve heard him sing at some live performance and i really loved his voice there… and i’m in the process of hunting it down in youtube.. though i know that i’d have a hard time since it was like 2 years ago!! and i basically don’t even remember what he sang at that time.. LOL!!

xiah junsu

dbsk is a really good boy group.. though they might still fall in second place to super junior in my heart… hehehe… and i forgot to mention how i am starting to love junsu’s voice.. gawd!! that guy CAN sing!!! at first i thought that jaejoong is the best.. but then junsu’s not that far behind!! he’s good!! i was just not used to his style at first… i remember seeing him in his rendition of a whole new world with BoA since that song has become a hit coz of charice and kyuhyun… so i can’t help but compare them at first… charice and kyuhyun have this classical voice stuff while junsu and BoA are more into a pop style… but they really hit all the high notes their own way too!! it’s just that charice and kyuhyun’s voice are more whole.. and im a classical person so it’s obvious which one i favored… but junsu and boa’s rendition is also good.. anyway.. you can watch junsu and BoA’s rendition here.. and charice and kyuhyun’s version here… ^-^

hero jaejoong

oooh.. i still can’t get enough of hero jaejoong!! i’ve been talking something about him for three consecutive paragraphs already!! but you just have to watch his helium moments!! like this one!! slkdjfsdlksjdf!! the way he says baybeh to finish his sentences!! LOL!! so cracktastic and then junsu takes some helium too and yoochun and jaejoong were like “he took in some too??” and the junsu’s giggle in the end was sdfjhsdkjfhds~~ hehe… LOL.. i found a compilation of their helium moments~~ here.. haha.. the first part is jaejoong’s baybeh~~ LOL jlsdhfskjahdflka so adorable… baybeh would be like my word of the month now.. T-T

micky yoochun

And then we have Yoochun!! gawd.. when i watched that video in youtube about him saying saranghae in five different ways… sfkjdslkfjds!! i almost got off my seat!! i was giggling so much!! haha.. if you’re interested to see.. it’s here… omg.. he’s sooo adorable even if he didn’t hit that ball and then after he said saranghae in five ways, he did it!! haha.. i don’t even know what they’re saying here but oh well.. yoochun is just too cute in this clip… credits to the person who uploaded this on youtube! ehehe..

max changmin

oh CHANGMIN!! he’s the magnae and he’s always being bullied because of it… but he’s a strong guy!! he likes to hit people for revenge!! nyahaha!! and i’m kind of sorry for the other guys but not really that much since they bully him so he just gets back at them! buhahahaha!! watch this!! haha.. i pity jaejoong at the end of the clip.. changmin hit him so hard.. T-T my poor jaejoong.. that’s what you get for forgetting how strong your magnae is.. LOL!! and yunho was not saying anything after he got hit… and at the beginning when junsu was like “please don’t hit me too hard”.. LOL!!! and then yoochun got hit at the stomach since he bullied changmin.. haha.. credits to ziggysight of youtube again… anyway, i do sometimes wonder who in super junior loves to hit people.. i never got to know that… it seems like eunhyuk is always the one who they prank but he’s too nice to get revenge and if he thinks of one, i bet he always fails.. oh! but the suju people like to pants down as a prank!! LOL!! hahaha…

u-know yunho

and last but not the least.. Yunho!! the leader and the best dancer from the group.. AND he is also a close friend of donghae!!! waaaaaaaaaaah… watch this… just watch coz you won’t understand a thing if you don’t know korean.. BUT!!! they look oh so good here!! hahaha.. and in case you want to hear the song Yunho composed and Donghae is featured in it! waaaah! watch here… they’re both so good in rapping and dancing… hahaha… and watch this clip too!! Yunho and Donghae moments!! and it looks like jaejoong is jealous!! nyahaha… i can’t believe i’m linking all these stuff… i’m such a crazed fan..


P.S. isn’t it amazing that no matter how much i talk about dbsk, someone or something about super junior pops up in every paragraph??? LOL!! i just noticed after rereading the post… hahaha… and i got to post first about dbsk rather than super junior.. but oh well.. i’ve made a draft about them.. and it’s too long so i’m trying to divide it in parts.. wahahahaha…

P.P.S. the birth of a new category~~ boys with talent.. of course it’s obvious that this category is dedicated to my crushes.. i didn’t want this to just be in my crushes category since some of my crushes are not celebrities.. LOL… haha… so you get the point..

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Before i leave, i have some things to say…

hello guys… i will be gone for a few days since i’m going to baguio with my family.. and yes, my fever is all cleared up now… so i’m up and about again.. LOL.. ^-^ anyway, i got to see the hospital last sunday and was “bed ridden” for 2 days and then of course i still went to my piano lesson but what’s important is i’m all good now… wahahahaha….

anyway…. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… i’m still soooo addicted to Super Junior… and then now i’m slowly being drawn into DBSK because of their appearance in EHB ep 9 and 10.. hahaha…. oh well… not just DBSK, there’s also Big Bang and FT Island… oh gosh… i watched unstoppable marriage because sooyoung and yuri of snsd were there and i just can’t help but love Jae Jin.. ^-^ it has been clear that when unstoppable marriage was still not airing and only pics of the cast are showing, i was like “waaaaaah~~ he’s cute..”.. so there, hahaha..

and oh my~~ FT Island is a BAND… and i’m at the right generation since they’re almost the same age as me and the lead vocals is actually the same age as me… im so happy~~ you guys should check out their songs… waaaah.. they’re so good… especially jae jin who looks so cute and handsome in whatever he does… nyaaaaah… and i still have that Until You Come Back MV in my heart… i was about to cry when the video was about to end… lol.. and hong ki has nice vocals.. though i sometimes mistake some of his words to sound japanese… lol… but oh well… nyahahaha…

and how did i get hooked up on big bang??? well, because their magnae is the same age as me as well… nyahahaha.. this is definitely my generation… lol.. and i watched seungri who was in manwon happiness with yoona of snsd… ok, it seems like snsd is my link to all the hot guys out there since they always get paired up with one of them… hahahahahahaha… anyway, since im still new to these guys, the only song that i’ve heard is Lies… and it’s still playing in my head… hahahahaha… and one of their members, T.O.P., has a brief kissing scene with Sandara Park in Gummi’s video.. can you believe that??? just when im starting my fandom with them, she comes up and doubles my interest on them.. and by the way.. i’ve watched their music video already and she looks so pretty there and it’s great to hear her speak her native tongue which is Korean.. i’m slowly loving that language right now, only third place to Japanese and French.. LOL… hahahaha…

and how could i forget the closest friends of the loves of my life… DBSK… haha, it’s so fun to see them all laughing together… i know that they’re really close and all… waaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~ i just can’t get enough of SM Town in general.. i really think SM has the best artists… and the best practice rooms… LOL… i just love the ambiance in their practice rooms in comparison to others… anyway, DBSK fighting~~ even though at first i thought you were all japanese… nyahahaha….

anyway, i don’t have all the time in the world today since we’re going a little bit later.. so here’s a recap of the groups and band that i really like now… SUPER JUNIOR and their subgroups KRY, T and M, DBSK, SNSD, Big Bang and FT Island~~ nyahahahaha… ok, so more on my list… i don’t care as long as i express my appreciation for them… they give joy to all their fans… nyahaha.. too bad i can’t post pictures right now since i’m in a hurry but i promise to post some pictures of these people when i come back… ahahahaha….

see ya~ ^_^

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