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Here i am once again

i haven’t updated my blog for such a long time. but i have been planning to update this for the past few weeks, i swear… hahaha.. well, i’ve been wanting to put on a blog entry about super junior since they are the ones occupying this head of mine for the past few months.

but obviously, im not writing about them now. why? because my mind is so preoccuppied with the next scene in the fanfiction that im writing about them. im going to create an account at so i can post my fanfic there for everyone to read. i would put up the link here once i’ve started uploading my fics.

it has been a while since i wrote here. and the feartures are different now. it’s so easy to post images.

shh.. she\'s my gurlfrend but don\'t tell...

hehehe.. he’s my new boyfriend… just joking.. ^_^ he’s Lee Donghae of Super Junior… but a girl can dream, ryt? hehe.. he’s always been on my mind so let’s all blame him for pulling me away from my blog.. nyahaha, kidding…

oh well.. i’m gonna write another blog entry just for him… beacuse i want to… lolzz… ^_^

it’s 12midnight already and i need my sleep.. i’ll try to update as soon as i can… and write about super junior and donghae too.. so many things to do… hahaha..

P.S. i forgot to write about what happened last week… ooh my… i HAVE to put it in my blog so i won’t forget it.. ^_^ nyahaha…

oyasumi nasai.. ^_^

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