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last minute thanksgiving

before 2007 ends… i would like to thank the important people whom i’ve shared special times with this year…

parents – my mom and dad who has been there for me always… they spent 17 years of their life taking care of me… ^_^ luv you po! next year 18 na koh! wah… hehe…

cedric (my little bro) – thanks for always being there… i always get mad at you but you still look up to me so much… i would try my best to be the best role model for you… and remember that you can always count on your ate… luv ya bro!

my bestfriends (well, at least those i consider to be my bestfriends.. lolzz) –  april, didi, reymel, kim, julianne, maxene, etc.. thanks for the friendship!!

melvin – thanks for letting me be your special someone even for just 7 months… ^_^ every moment is a special memory.. may it be good or bad.. ahaha… ^_^

jason, aimes, raymund – mga sponsors koh!! ahahaha… ^_^ thank you!!
dayzer people – thanks for bringing kuya jess into my life.. sana magkaroon na ng next batch!!!

maksci – salamat sa memories ng hayskul!! hehe.. yung yearbook naten.. promise, matatapos din.. magbabagong buhay na tayo diba?? kaya tutulong na lahat!!! wahahaha…

UP blockmates! – kaya naten toh!! aral lang ng aral! joke lang! haha.. robinsons nalang.. dancemania??? wahahaha.. dancerevo nalang!!

sa mga hindi ko nabati.. paxenxa na… super nagmamadali para umabot sa 2007 eh.. ^_^ sa first entry ko nalang sa 2008 sasama ko keo.. hahaha.. hopefully… ^_^


^_^V love you guys!!!

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