waiting for someone…

i want to have a guardian angel… just like the one the red jumpsuit apparatus are talking about.. i hope i can have one person give that song for me… well.. studies are really hard and the people who love me are the ones keeping me sane… they do tell me that i’m still human and humans make errors… i’m trying my best at school and i do think that i have very good professors this semester.. they may be really terror since they expect much from us to the point that we are sometimes driven to our limits.. but by doing this, our limits expand.. and gives us more space to not only learn but to express our own opinion.. since that’s what we are taught.. we can find something to talk and debate about from almost anything under the sun… they teach us to give our opinions and use our freedom of speech as much as we can.. but of course there should be some sense to what we say and not just non sense…

anyways, i was talking about my lovelife then the topic jumped to studies.. how weird… how can lovelife and studies be that connectable?? is connectable even a word?? hahaha.. im out of my mind..

talking about my previous post which is “Lovesick“… i think this is just a continuation of that whatever.. there are times when i want to have someone by my side.. of course that would be the times when i really don’t have anything to do.. that is the only time that the word LOVE comes to my vocabulary… wahahaha.. it’s a good thing that my professors keep me preoccupied with so many readings… i don’t have the time to think about those loveydovey stuff anymore… i don’t really know if it’s a good or bad thing…

hayyy… but i really love the song “Your Guardian Angel” which was sung by the red jumpsuit apparatus.. shame, even chemistry is following me in my blog.. lab apparatus!! i still need medicine droppers (glass) and vials and corks… weeeeeeeh…

here is the video of “your guardian angel”… the video is taken from FF7 Advent Children… hope someone sings this for me…


Now that I’m strong
I have figured out
how this world turns cold
and it breaks through my soul
and I know I’ll find deep inside me
I can be the one

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  1. 1

    kierebeare said,

    i will never let you fall
    i’ll stand up with you forever
    i’ll be there for you through it all
    even if savin you sends me to heaven 🙂

  2. 2

    kat said,

    haha. apir! gusto ku rin may kumanta nian sa akin. dunno. ang weird nung effect niang kanta na yan.
    LOVESICK? hmmm. :]]

  3. 3

    Raymund said,

    ahahahaha. go sponsor. nalulungkot ako. T_T

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