i was riding in a jeepney a few hours ago.. it was 6pm and many people are coming home from work and therefore, the jeep was really filled to the point that i am squashed in between a very big lola and a guy with a black shirt… it’s not like i like the guy beside me coz i don’t like him at all and he’s not my type, but it just popped into my head while the jeepney was speeding up, [and you know how jeepneys are.. they tend to race with other cars and it looks like we were in a race track… and the people inside are being thrown back and forth… it really made me dizzy coz at that time, all i wanna do is rest my head and sleep…]  i thought that what does it really feel like to rest my head on someone’s shoulder? how does it feel like… again? To have him hold my hand.. to have him stroke my hair… to have him kiss my forehead… how does it feel like again??

at that time.. i started to think on who would be the guy that can willingly hold my hand and let me rest my head on his shoulder… at that time, i was really thinking that i should consider letting someone in my heart… but at the end of the jeepney ride, reality came back and gave me other things to think about…

maybe i’m still not ready to open my heart to others.. maybe some other time.. but not now.. not yet… not until all hope is gone…

weird talaga kapag inaatake ako ng pagkaLovesick…

|PS. hindi traffic sa edsa ko ngayon at wala pa ko balak na sumugod ulet sa traffic.. ahahaha..|

nobody knows who i really am

i’ve never felt this empty before…

and if i ever need someone to come along

who’s gonna comfort me and keep me strong?

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    kierebeare said,

    uh huh cielo uh huh

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