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You don’t have to be with someone to love them.

i wish someone would say this.. hehe…

as long as it’s you saying it…it doesn’t matter how slow you say it…i’ll still listen

if you can’t talk on the phone then i’ll come to see you

if you wanna walk…no matter how slow it will be…i’ll walk with you

hayy… the last quote is from 1 litre of tears… hehehe…

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a clip i got from youtube.. ep 3 of Hana Kimi Japan wherein Ikuta Toma is Nakatsu…

he is so adorable.. cute!! waaaah!!!

hayy… so hilarious…. wahaha.. orewa homo ja nai!!! nyahahaha… i really think im obsessed… wahaha..

i love ikuta toma!!! waaaah!!! ^-^ *fangirl na naman ako.. my golly.. T_T*

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i think im obsessed with this guy

hahaha… he is just so cute!!! and i love him… he’s just too perfect.. LOLzz… haha…

a video which is supposed to be a trilogy by some chinese fans about toma and yamapi’s friendship.. aww.. it’s just so sad that toma-kun hasn’t debuted yet… i don’t even know the difference if one has been debuted… oh well… it’s what the people say… i think it would be better if he debuted… ^-^

i just love ikuta toma and i hope he’s gonna have a lot more projects from now on…

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IKUTA TOMA – white christmas and dance

ikuta toma!!! why do you have to be so goddamn CUTE!!! shame!!! im all giggly and stuff!! ngarrrrrrrr…

this video from youtube shows ikuta toma singing White Christmas in English.. then at the last part, he dances and he’s so cool.. haha.. where can you get another guy who can sing and dance so well, is good and acting, and is very CUTE!!!! gawd…

dito ko nakuha yung video.. youtube!

nyaaaaah!!! xenxa na maderal.. ang gwapo niya eh.. haha.. na-obsess na rin ata ako sa kanya… wahehehe.. ^-^

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Shun Oguri , born December 26, 1982 in Tokyo, Japan is a Japanese actor, having most recently starred in the hit TV drama, Hana Yori Dango and its sequel.

Name: Oguri Shun

Nicknames: Ogushun, Guri & Ogurin

Profession: Actor

Date of birth: December 26,1982

Birthplace: Tokyo

Height: 183cm (6 ft.)

Weight: 70kg

Horoscope Sign: Capricorn

Blood type: O

Hobbies: Surfing

Family: Parents, an older brother(Oguri Ryo) and an elder sister

Talent agency: Tristone


cute... ^-^

more details:

drama wiki

shun oguri


hayyy… japanese guy na naman.. matagal ko na crush si oguri.. hehe.. wala lang..

hanazawa rui (f4.. hana yori dango 2)

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hmm.. i was bored doing my paper for history.. about the miseducation of filipinos by renato constantino… he was criticizing the english language and how we forgot that we have our own language.. but the ironic thing was that his book is written in pure english.. lolzzz…

anyways, back to the topic… i suddenly thought what kind of course would my ideal guy have??? hehe… anyways.. here are some of what i have thought of so far… hmm.. well.. let’s just generalize… i’m just gonna say the career path or college or whatever..


– smart

– wears polo shirts a lot (i kinda like guys who wear polo shirts)

– eyeglasses (of course!! with all the readings they get??? hehe.. i prefer glasses to contact lenses when we first meet or whatever)

– well.. this guy probably has got lots of things to say.. and im willing to listen..


– ooh.. the math geek.. love this… (math is one of my weak subj.. tutor?)

– collared shirts… i guess?? oh well.. it’s my opinion anyways…

– good handwriting… well, they need to draw a lot, don’t they???

– i figure they wouldn’t have free time, they’re studious people anyway…

COLLEGE OF BUSINESS (anything to do with money, managing, etc)

– rich kids (or at least those who plan to be businessmen and become rich)

– normal attire (i think they’d get tired of wearing corporate outfits to class, right?)

– confident good speakers (how are they supposed to talk to their clients if they’re shy?)


possible other courses for guys that i might like

– fine arts (heart melting..)

– culinary arts (mmm… yummy!!)

– music (aaww… but i hope this would just be part-time)


the reason i didn’t include COLLEGE OF MEDICINE

– it’s already given.. of course i’d like them if they’re gonna be in the same career path as me!!

– i still think there are more cute doctors than cute lawyers

– it would be easier for me to relate with med students than law students..


oh what the hell am i doing.. i should be finishing my paper… i just needed to get this out of my head so i’d stop thinking of which course my ideal guy would come from…

LOLzzz… ^-^

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ikuta toma



from dramawiki


  • Name (romaji): Ikuta Toma
  • Profession: Actor and singer
  • Birthdate: 1984-Oct-07
  • Birthplace: Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan
  • Height: 173cm
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Star sign: Libra
  • Blood type: A


hay.. wafu talaga niya!! anyways… siya ang isa sa bagong crush ko… wahahaha… una ko siya nakita sa hana yori dango 2.. pero bad xa dun eh.. tapos next ko na siya napanuod sa HANA KIMI – JAPAN.. wahahaha.. kasama niya dun yung isa ko pang crush, si oguri shun, na una ko namang nasilayan sa hana yori dango 1.. si oguri kasi yung hanazawa rui (lei sa meteor garden)… hayyy… wafuu!!



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