ginny and harry

i’ve been thinking lately… WHY NOT??? right?? they may be suited for each other after all.. it’s just that i’ve been much more inclined and expect a relationship between Harry Potter and Hermione Granger that i may have neglected to notice, after all, that maybe, just maybe, they are meant for each other…

in my first reading of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, i admit that i wanted Harry to end up with Hermione and i hated the part where Harry was day dreaming about him snogging Ginny instead of Dean Thomas in that dark hallway or wherever they are… if i remember clearly.. my reaction was somewhat like “yuck! ewww… that’s gross Harry!! WHY?? oh why does it have to be Ginny???”… and then i felt really disappointed with the way things turned out.. like the time when Harry kissed Ginny after they won the match with him in detention with Snivellus… oh God… i felt like i was starting to loathe the book… can you imagine?? after everything that happened in the sixth book.. with dumbledore dead and Snivellus betraying the Order… I DIDN’T READ THE BOOK FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!! i reread books 1-5 but then i found it hard to read the latest book since i was super disappointed with it… and then BOOM!! i had nothing else to do these past couple of days and i just found myself reading the Half blood prince again…

pic creditted to Ellie.. ^-^


picture credited to Ellie 

oddly enough… i wasn’t really bothered anymore to find that Harry wanted Ginny so badly… I even found it amusing.. Harry pairing up with his bestfriend’s sister… and they’ve known each other for very long… and then that was just the time i appreciated the pairing of these two… well, it was heartbreaking in the end to know that they were to part.. after all.. the hero can’t have an obvious weakness.. or else he would then be an easy target.. but i won’t be surprised if Voldemort (oh, cmon guys!! fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself!) would find his weakness and attack it… but LOVE is the greatest power that Harry has in advantage over the Dark Lord… am i right?? ^-^

oh well.. so much for that… let’s just see how things will turn out in the last installment of this series… and of course… let’s wait for the upcoming movie.. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!! i’m so excited to see this movie!!! woooohoooooooooooooo!!!! nyahahahaha!!!

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    serverus said,

    i’m watching you, Potter..

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    LOLMANU said,


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    heavendenied said,

    yep.. ur right about that…

    glad to know u’ve read the book this early…

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    Ty said,

    i didnt start reading the books till last year but i read all the books in one year and i think that it makes sense that he marrys ginny because if he marrys hermoine it would sorta be like him marrying his best friend and plus in the book she is supposed to be really ugly emma watson is way too pretty shes got to to have buck teeth and bushy hair so in a way it was obvious by at least the sixth book that it was going to be ginny cho or maybe even luna but for sure not hemoine

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    jessica said,

    I think it was obvious that it would be harry and ginny. I mean-harry looks like his father and ginny is red haired like harrys mother. its just like the history is reapeting itself. And lupins and tonks child is like a new harry. or maybe a sirius. you understand me? i’m from sweden so my english is not very good…

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    emma said,

    oddly enough… i wasn’t really bothered anymore to find that Harry wanted Ginny so badly… I even found it amusing.. Harry pairing up with his bestfriend’s sister… and they’ve known each other for very long… and then that was just the time i appreciated the pairing of these two… well, it was heartbreaking in the end to know that they were to part.. after all.. the hero can’t have an obvious weakness.. or else he would then be an easy target.. but i won’t be surprised if Voldemort (oh, cmon guys!! fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself!) would find his weakness and attack it… but LOVE is the greatest power that Harry has in advantage over the Dark Lord… am i right?? ^-^

    oh well.. so much for that… let’s just see how things will turn out in the last installment of this series… and of course… let’s wait for the upcoming movie.. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!! i’m so excited to see this movie!!! woooohoooooooooooooo!!!! nyahahahaha!!!

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    ily said,

    omg in the book hermione is not supposed to be ugly she’s just supposed to have bushy hair!

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    caddy said,

    i am so exited for harry potter and the half blood prince to come out , ppl say harry and hermione should get together , but there just really good friends to go out. Ginnys perfect for harry also shes survived voldemort so she knos what its like !!

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    ladymadness said,

    have you forgotten book2 in the chamber of secrets? ginny already liked harry from the start. harry was just too busy saving the wizarding world that it was from the moment he saw ginny kissed someone that it finally struck him. i mean he just needed some wake up call. and remember what harry said in HBP in the last part when he was breaking up with ginny, he said he just wished he could’ve asked her sooner and they’d be together for months, years maybe but he just doesn’t want to place ginny in danger bcoz of what she has to do. im really happy they end up together and i was never surprise. and yup ginny resembles LILY so much, even her strong personality

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    monika said,

    i totaly agree with jessica that history reapets itself.it was exacly what i thought when i finished reading the book.and i felt realy bad for fred to die!!i mean separeting twins…george won`t be abel to joke like before.and i realy felt sad for tonks and lupin.they just had their baby!!!!!!and if you think the story is actualy like something that would hapen in our world and does hapen!like snape a man that never had real friends that has fallen inlove but the man he hated most in the world maried the woman he loved,or voldemord he hasn`t even fallen inlove ever!!!harry that has been hurt so many times and he still lives to have a normal life.a war between good and bad..lies and deaths it all exist in our world everithing except the most wonderfull thing-the magic!
    at the end i realy felt sorry for snape because he devoted his life to the woman he loved even when she died he continiud loving her i admire that.and i`m real glad about harry and ginny i mean it was going to hapen she allways had a crush on him ever since she apeared in the second book.well thats all byebye
    P.S-i thing J.Rowling is the best writer that exists!!

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    Zark said,

    In the 7th book, as some one above rudely spoiled, harry ends up with ginny and Ron with Hermione. I personally thought that was a VERY VERY sufficeing ending. I was afraid the book would end bad and I would be all upset. But Harry with Ginny is awesome. Red-heads FTW!

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    vana said,

    Why not ????? Harry and Ginny

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    Hermione said,

    It should of been Cho or Hermione that should end up with Harry.Why the F should Ginny spoil it for all of them.She should of been with Neville but Luna was pretty much with Neville anyway.Just wished Cho didn’t had to be a snitch so that they found out about the secret training.


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    Ginnyrox said,

    I think how Harry ends up with Ginny is awsome. They were ment for each other!* U HEAR THAT LUKE/HARRY! WE ARE MENT 4 EACH OTHER! I LOVE U!
    @ school a bunch of guys have giveb themselves harry potter characters. This guy who I like called luke is Harry and I’M GINNY!!!!!!
    P.S Ginny is hella hot*lol*

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    eryn said,

    hey they are so much lolz that cute so cute

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    abbegail said,

    hey im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy about the ending of harry potter harry marries ginny and has 3 kids ron marries hermione and has 2 kinds and its awsome im sooooooooooo sad though that lupin tonks and fred died im also shocked that mad eye died i mean mad eye come on oh well the two deaths im happy 4 are belletrix and voldemort im sad that snape died but not as much he was a bad good guy oh well I LOVE THAT HARRY MARRIES GINNY AND DEFEATS VOLDEMORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    matt said,

    i think that harry marrying ginny rocks i like to bump ginny myself i am sad theat fred dies i mean he wa sso cool i’ll have to reread i cant remember how he dies

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    Paityn said,

    I hate that fred dies .I love it when harry and ginny kiss and when they get married.

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    Shabbir said,

    Come on ! ppl its just a book a really good one ! OFCOURSE though i think cho would have been better but she only liked harry because cedric was dead ! And after all Ginny is suppose to be the only one who can keep a calm when harry is angry ! They’ve both faced voldemort and thats that ! So I think its good he likes ginny .

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    Shabbir said,

    I actually started reading the books and finished em all n 3 weeks. And to me it makes perfect sense he should like ginny like I said in ma earlier message.

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    Allie said,

    In the beginning, i really wanted Harry to end up with Hermionie, but i must say, i really like the Ginny and Harry paring. I think it’s cool how Harry likes his bestfriend’s sister…yes, quite amusing! But seriously, why (in the end) would Ron name his son Hugo? Eh, whatever. I thought the books were great…i really didn’t like the Harry and Cho thing…I think Cho has problems and needs to see a theripirst. lol!

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    ginny said,

    liked the last book alot

  23. 23

    GinnyHarryFan said,

    Ginny and Harry should be together…..they just a perfect couple. Plus, The Trio can still be together (Ron and Hermione end up to be a couple and Harry end up to be their brother in-law….younger brother in-law). I really don’t know why Harry didn’t likes Ginny in the first place but at least they got married! I felt so bad about Fred’s death. He didn’t had a chance to see his sister and his brother got married. It also must be hard for George to except Fred’s death. HARRY POTTER FOREVER!!!!

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    Missy said,

    I thought Harry was going to end up with Cho. I also found it pretty obvious while reading the books, that Ron would’ve ended up with Hermione. But then, book seven tricked me and when Harry and Hermione were left together I thought they were starting to have a thing for each other, when he went back at Hogwarts and J.K. Rowling wrote, ‘He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was.’ I was pretty sure then Harry would’ve been with Ginny and Hermione with Ron. In the movie though, I can’t get over how Ginny doesn’t really seem to be a red-head and more of a brunette. =P

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    Ellie said,

    Hey there, I’d like to know where you got the picture from, because it’s mine and I wish to be credited, if you post it here, please. Contact me via email and I can proof that the second wallpaper is made by me.
    Don’t use my stuff without credit, please!

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    heavendenied said,

    hi.. hmm.. i got this pic last summer so it’s kind of hard to remember.. but i know that i used google and saw this pic.. if this happens to be yours, sure.. i would credit it to you.. ^-^

    uhmm.. which pic?? hehe..

  27. 27

    Ellie said,

    Hey. thanks for answering that quick, it’s the second picture (Off to the last Fight), I sent you the original to your email!


  28. 28

    heavendenied said,

    thanks ellie… ^-^

  29. 29


    I feel sorry for Teddy he’ll hve to grow up without parents like harry. i sorta think historys repeating itself but not really.i started reading the first book middle of july and just finish like yesterday.im sad theres no more books they were all so exciting…my favourite books were the Half-blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows.

    Peace out everyone

  30. 30

    Carla said,

    To the post above about Cho being a snitch,
    If you payed attention, it says that Cho had Veritaserium used on her 😛

  31. 31

    me said,

    I think the end is very boring ’cause I’d thought that Harry would die or just Ron or Hermione…but that they all survive sucks…

  32. 32

    GinnyHarryFan said,

    Hey its me, what wrong if Harry survive in the battle ‘ me ‘ ? There’s no Harry Potter without Harry…….He’s SHOULD survive!

  33. 34

    marina said,

    jd tob nloph

  34. 35

    faith said,

    I just have only one question WHY GINNY AND HARRY! The whole siries set up Harry and Hermione. They should be together! Ok I am really happy for Ginny and Harry, but still I think Harry and Hermione should be together.

  35. 36

    faith said,

    Harry Potter is the coolest!!! I started the books last spring and i finished in september! I can’t wait for the fith movie to come out!

  36. 37

    Abbie!!!!!! said,

    OMG ilufffffff Harry potter wen i woz readin dem i wudnt even turn a light on coz i didnt want 2 miss ne fin!!!!!!!!! I luff da fact dat Harry and Ginny r together!!! and I thought it woz obvious dat dey were gonna b together wen Harry woz in Dividation or woteva n he smelt Ginnys Smell!! i woz lyk OMFG!!! YEYYYYYYYY!!!!

  37. 38

    jamie said,

    i so agree with faith that harry and hermione should have ended up together. im glad for harry and ginny i really am but, in every book it seem as though harry and hermione were going to end up together.i mean she always huged harry and not ron she always said sweet things to harry and not ron I MEAN COME ON Y NOT???????

  38. 39

    faith said,

    it does seem like in every book that harry and hermione should end up together. but then who would ginny marry if hermione and harry marry and who would ron marry? it works out in the end and harry, hermione and ron end up as family at least.

  39. 40

    faith said,

    Jamie has a point though but still it was better that harry marries ginny and ron marries hermione. I mean ron always gives her a complement in the movies and tries to get hermione away from gwap in the fith movie.

  40. 41

    ZY said,

    Hello,I am really glad that harry married ginny and ron married hermione, I knew ron like hermione and harry like ginny in the last book. I am not surpised fred died because I know one of the the weasleys is going to die, there are too many people.I love the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Harry rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 42

    I love HARRY POTTER<333333333333

  42. 43

    April Martin said,

    Harry and Ginny may have been destined to be but I knew when they first and she was shy i knew they would end up together. Ron and Hermione I could tel by the way they acted towards each other As fro the Kid situation that was no big surprise

  43. 44

    April Martin said,

    Also Harry is a total hottie and Ginny isn’t exactly a troll she is actually pretty and Ron is also Hot and hermione is okay looking but still evens out her looks with Ron

    THEY ARE SO ADORABLE TOGETHER AND I’M SURE THEIR KIDS ARE TOTALLY HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. 45

    A REAL FAN! said,

    Hello. I’m a real Fan. But most of the Books. They realy great. I had red already all seven books 6 times! I love Harry Potter! J.K. Rowling, you are amazing!!!

  45. 46

    Tom said,

    Yo, yo, dawg! it was wierd that Harry and Ginny ended up together. i didn’t even think Harry would get a girlfriend because before i read the books, i looked at the potter books as adventures and magic, not teenage love! it was wierd! but why do people think that harry and hermione should’ve ended up together?that seems just plain odd! and cho seems like a real snot in the last book becaz she thinks that harry will like her agoin! el wrongo! oh well, i like the books anyway they rock! See ya later dawg!

  46. 47

    Tom said,

    yo,yo,dawg. i’m so down with the ginny and harry thing and i don’t like the hermione and harry thing. why would harry date his best friend? el wacko! oh well, i like the books and the movies rock! daniel, emma, and rupert act well together and jk rowlng is an amazing writer. peace ou

  47. 48

    I screamed when those two kissed! It was AWESOME! I am so glad they are together, little disapointed about him and Cho though. Oh well, she was a drama Queen (no offence)! If i had to be a character from Harry Potter i would be Ginny Weasley, would love to snog that hunk!

  48. 49

    jupiter montoyas said,

    hp and gw were made for each other. good bye. the end. by the way, me love hp, daniel is not a hunk

  49. 50

    zoe said,

    someone wrote a comment saying Hermione was ugly and had buck teeth but thats not right she doesnt have buck teeth remember mada pomfrey performed a shrinking charm on them in the forth book to make them normal sized…because malfoy cast a spell to make her teeth grow (he misses harry) and she was sent to the hospital wing

  50. 51

    Krista said,

    i love that harry and ginny got together. i think it would have been just plain wrong if harry and hermione got together. but i love the way hermione acts when ron comes back! i mean i thought she was going to kiss him [finally] but, she starts punching him. i wish that j.k. would have wrote more about what happened after VOLDEMORT [yup i said it] died. i reread the part when ron and hermione kissed. i know the page, paragraph, and everyword to that part [page 625, paragraph 2]. also, i LOVE what harry says while they are kissing. lol. what do you guys think?

  51. 52

    Omg it is defitnly ovbiouse harry and ginny get married. LIKE COME ON HARRY AND CHO EWWWW. i didnt like Cho also if u read the book Cho didnt
    Tell her snich of Marita friend did. And cho wont take it in so harry
    fout her and they rowed so harry just decied to leave her. Also harry and Hermione? Ewww Cant u see Hermione loves ron and ron loves hermione Ron got all angrey that She dances with Krum. (Eww hese not that good looking) and hermione got angrey when he went out with Lavander wich is creepy cause Lavander is just insain sercully shese a creepy person. Harry Needs to marry Ginny Cause no Hermione is Ginny’s Half Sister Ron and harry are half brothers Harry and Hermione are half bro/sis. It turns out there all family.. Also for u people who want Harry and Hermione thats insain cause if harry married Hermione , Ron would be mad that his bff married his crush and Ginny would be heart Broken she didnt marry the harry potter. and ron would just be broken. AND CHO would have never dated harry if it wasnt for cedric dieing. And i dont think she liked harry she just wanted Famose people. So Obvouse. Anyways -Maddy

  52. 53

    Harry Potter Lover said,

    OMG…….I love HARRY POTTER!!!

    I wish Hogwarts was REAL!!! I really do. . . . . I always checked the mail for an invitation when I turned 11 ! ! !
    If Hogwarts is really I want to say that all the witches and wizards are so so so lucky!!!

    I started reading the books pretty late, but I caught on very soon. I love the books and movies! I agree with you guys that JK Rowling’s is one of the best authors out there.

    I personally thought that at first that Harry should marry Hermione, but as I got deeper into the books I saw that Harry and Hermione were too close of friends to get married. But on the other hand Ron and Hermione always had fights and got jelouse from one another when dating other people. So I started suspecting them to start Dating OR get married.

    In the 6th book when I saw that Harry liked Ginny I was shocked. I really thought that if Harry lived against YOU KNOW WHO he would marry Cho Chang. In the 5th book “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” J.K. made it seem like that……. but at the same time I was still so so so pleased with Harry liking Ginny. I knew that they would be perfect together!!!!!! (Cho was to sad for Harry)
    I mean Harry saved Ginny’s life which is very romantic and he deserved her. Yeah
    When Ginny kept going out with Dean Tomas I was telling my self, she has to dump him. . . .she has to!!!!!! When she did I was so so so pleased.
    When they kissed after the Quidditch match thoe I thought it was pretty unfair because Harry did not even play. It was a cute part in the book even if Harry’s absens did not fit well.

    I am very happy in the ALL the BOOKS!!!! Espesally the ending of the book 7th book!!!!
    I hope everybody else felt the same way too

    My favorite books are the 4, 5, 7

  53. 54

    Krista said,

    Hi again! anyway i totally am with allie about the name hugo! i mean what the heck is that about! now if i was harry, ginny, ron, or hermione i would have named at least one of my boys fred! hello he was ginny, and ron’s brother! anyway i was on this other site and well j.k. put in alot of clues about hermione marrying ron. this is the one i like the best: Hermione’s patronus is an otter and an otter is part of the weaslel family. u know weaslel weaslely?

  54. 55

    Harry Potter said,

    I am harry potter and it was disgusting to kiss Ginny!!!! She has bad breath…… So dont spread any rumors about me liking ginny………. ha ha ha , i am just kiddn around….. I am not harry

  55. 56

    SURI said,

    I think the best part of book 6 is harry liking ginny. though it was interesting to know about voldemort’s past but somehow it was getting monotonous. since the book #2 i was sure that harry would end up with ginny. I always hated cho who only liked harry after cedric was dead, so it was selfish. Love ya Harry

  56. 57

    Krista said,

    what the heck was that about ” Harry Potter”?

  57. 58

    isa said,

    i apsalutly posativly love the harry potter books series its grat i allso love to see the movies i cant what tell harry and ginny kiss

  58. 59

    Krista said,

    OMG! i cant get to much harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what can i do?????????????????/

  59. 60

    harry lover said,

    omg harry is so cute i want to see dethly hollows so bad i read the book but the movie dose not come out on till four years form now what will i do in four years with out harry

  60. 61

    denisse said,

    i love harry potter!!!!
    its my pasion!!!!
    rowling its the best author i had ever read

    thanks j. k for giving me the pleasure of reading those great boooks
    i would like the story to continue
    i wish she could wrote another…..

  61. 62

    rosemerry said,

    I very very vey agree??? Why not??? ginny beautiful and smart girl,it’s very nice to me.they very very suit. I like it.

  62. 63

    rosemerry said,

    It’s very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i like ginny,she’s smart and beautiful girl!!very-very suit with harry.
    i AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. 64

    Krista said,

    omg i love ginny and harry and her make a perfect couple! the 7 movie doesn’t come out for 4 more years!?? sniff sniff! i want to be rose in the 7 movie! its my dream!

  64. 65

    Wand Guy said,

    If I were a wizard I would fix my windows up in a flick of a wand!

  65. 66

    Krista said,

    do i want to know why you want to fix your windows?

  66. 67

    happy chick said,

    i am soooooooooooooooooo jealous that cho and ginny kiss harry i wish that were me ♥

  67. 68

    Tonks said,

    I was pretty sure Harry and Luna would hook up when she finally entered the book, but Ginny’s alright i guess, she’s not as nuts as luna is 🙂 but Luna still number one, along with tonks offcourse

  68. 69

    ginnyandhermione said,

    I love how ginny and harry get together. at first i was a little surprised how harry and ginny are together and hermione and ron are together but once I read the series again it was so obvious and I couldn’t believe how I missed it the first time! I love jk rowling and the harry potter books

  69. 70

    ginnyandhermione said,

    I like tonks, I know she is a little weird but she is so cool. She is so funny and yes she is clumsy but still. As soon as i found out harry liked cho chang I was like oh my gosh i hate cho chang she is so annoying and she starts to cry way to easily.

  70. 71

    harrypotter? said,

    its so cool to see harry and ginny together. personally i wanted harry and hermione together but ginny is super cool too. i’ve read harry potter and the deathly hallows and its soooooooo good. i am so happy harry and ginny are together..

  71. 72

    Krista said,

    i agree with ginnyandhermione i hate cho and i wonder who luna marrys???? anyone know?

  72. 73

    Emma Gilbert said,

    I’ve read the whole series and I can’t wait for the 6th movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. 74

    mubarak said,

    they are exactly matched for each other and thats how is suposed to be\, not that stupid Deam Thomas

  74. 75

    a harry potter fan said,

    i red all the books but i thought that the book would be only adventure not teenage love but from the beginning of the 6th part i knew that harry would end with ginny (esspecially when they kiss) or luna and ron with hermeione coz they did’nt used to fight they were just kidding. Cho is stupid and ugly.

  75. 76

    nia said,

    i did think that Harry would end up with Hermine not Ron after all the fits they had. but i think its ok that Harry ended up with Ginny.

  76. 77

    nia said,

    yo! whats up!

    i agree with mubarak if Ginny married Dean would marry Harry,Chang? did you know that Luna marries a man named Rolf Svamanded and Cho marries a muggle.i think that J.K. should write another book maby about there kids or something! woundent you think it would be funny if enstes of the books called (Harry Potter) they would be called (Neville Longbottom)! i love Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. 78

    babylovely said,

    harry and ginny very verygood

  78. 79

    say not said,

    hay, harry your are very good in TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am big harry potter fan.
    i am heppy the your in türkei wahts. i am türke
    but in germany i love harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bye bye i am sad the your not in germany are
    till there bye bye

  79. 80

    Krista said,

    OMG i toatally agree with nia about J.K. writing another book about rose lily james hugo and ablus that would be awsome!

  80. 81

    Loony said,

    I LOVED the last book the most. i just think that J.K. Rowling should’ve mentioned something about if Weasley Wizard Weezes (Fred & Georges shop) was still open. such as an Harry or Ginny saying something like, “Do you have the Pigmy Puff Uncle George gave you, Albus?” i mean, just because fred died (which i dreaded), that doesn’t mean that the joke shop can’t close down… does it? I think George can do good on
    his own, even if he does only have 1 ear!!! :-]p

  81. 82

    Ginny:hearts:Harry said,

    i found this one website a few months ago (i can’t remember the name, but i googled Time for Kids: J.K. Rowling). Here’s what I found (the following is part of an article on that website):

    During the question and answer session, J.K. Rowling disclosed facts about the books that had never been revealed before, such as Neville’s love life after Hogwarts. “He marries Hannah Abbott, the woman who becomes the new landlady of The Leaky Cauldron. I think that would make him very cool among the (Hogwarts) students, that he lives above the pub,”

    And, yes, J.K. Rowling, I do think living above the pub does make him pretty cool among the students ay Hogwarts. Here’s some more:

    She also discussed whether Severus Snape was good or evil, a topic still fiercely debated among fans. “Even though he did love and he loved very deeply and he was brave, both qualities that I admire above anything else, he was bitter and he was vindictive,” Rowling remarked.

    That’s true. Almost done:

    Does Malfoy owe Harry a life debt since Harry saved his life? “I think the very worst burden Harry could have put Malfoy under was this one, that Malfoy has to feel any kind of gratitude,” Rowling explained.

    Way to go Rowling. Here is the last bit i am sharing:

    Rowling also touched on the death of Bellatrix Lestrange, one of Voldemort’s most evil followers. “I always knew Molly (Weasley) was going to finish her off. I wanted Molly to have her moment and to show that because a woman has dedicated herself to her family that does not mean that she doesn’t have a lot of other talents. And I wanted to match Bellatrix’s sick obsession with Voldemort against Molly’s maternal love. There was something very satisfying about putting those two women together,” Rowling said.

    and it was just by luck that i found it all this. my younger bro had to do a report on it, and i helped him find it. That’s all. if U want 2 know more, google: Time for Kids J.K. Rowling, and click… I’m Feeling Lucky, the button under the search bar. That is all.

  82. 83

    nia said,

    😛 HP Rules

    by Anya Nia’s buddy

  83. 84

    ZAIKA SAKURA said,

    oh my gosh whats happening to me , just because of the movie series , harry potter , ive found my crush waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but by the way ,
    i don’t like harry and ginny to end up!!!!
    i better like cho or hermoine , there more better than her……….

  84. 85

    ZAIKA SAKURA said,

    oh my gosh whats happening to me , just because of the movie series , harry potter , ive found my crush waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DaNiEl RoDcLiFfa.k.a.HaRrY pOtTeR

    but by the way ,
    i don’t like harry and ginny to end up!!!!
    i better like cho or hermoine , there more better than her……….

  85. 86

    omid said,

    i love harry and ginny
    my country is iran
    i like see their

  86. 87

    Sophie said,

    I liked the book and the ending, but then again i am easy to please!
    But i would have liked Ron/Hemione, Ginny/Neville and Harry/Luna. Ultimately. But oh well! I like it anyway! And i don’t like Cho, pah, she’s silly.
    P.S. I know this is really late, but oh well!

  87. 88

    Jennessa said,

    Some of you guys put idiotic comments up, even if it is a fiction series, you should be happy for Harry and Ginny!! Ginny’s cool, ad so is Harry!!

  88. 90

    raluki said,

    Hello.My name is Raluka ,I’m 17 years old and I’m from Romanian,Bucharest.Yes i read the all books HP and I saw the films.Yes I would wanted that Harry would end up with Hermione,that Lupin,Tonks,Moddy and of course my hero Snape wouldn’t have died(damn you Voldemort).In my mind i was thinking in some changes some different ways of the books(I would found it very interesting and of course fantastic if Harry was falling in love with a Viperin Girls,and in this way the relationship of Griffindors-Viperins were different,the relationship between Harry-Ron-Severus and others,and for finally the strange thing between Harry-Voldemort that because of the curse if Harry dieds ,Voldemort dieds to and only if the curse was destroyed the thinks were changed.Oki I think sayd too much crazy things if you wanna talk with me the id is in the email.Goodbye all.

  89. 91

    crazy harry fan said,

    harry potter rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love harry potter i cant wait till the seventh movie comes out i love that book so much.

  90. 92

    tonks+lupin said,

    hello… I was so excited for harry marrying ginny!!!! also i agree that it was so unfair that tonks, lupin and fred got killed!!!i cried a lot…
    i don`t know who asked… but george marries angelina jhonson and they name their kid FRED…that`s why ron and hermione don-t have any boy named like that!!!

    i also agree that it was so obvious that harry and ginny would end up together…c`mon there is no better ending!!!!

    and for ted lupin… so sad he grew up without parents… i still don`t understand why they had to die!!!!but`s so fine that he dates bill weasley`s daughter!!!

    nothing else to say

    nice picture

    and sorry if i made any mistakes writing in english… i`m from chile

    kisse to all HPfans

  91. 93

    tonks+lupin said,

    something else!!!

    if anyone can send me any harry potter images… i`d really appreciate it



  92. 95

    Kerri said,

    I love the books and i did think that harry and hermione would end up together. But who ended up being Draco’s wife? I know they mentioned his name but not his wife’s!!!! I guess the world may never know!! But yes i am happy that harry and ginny get together i think they make a cute couple!!

  93. 96

    Kaia said,

    Who Said That Any Of The Pairs Got Married? It Doesnt Say Anything About marriage. Onlii About Kids! But I Think Its Great How Ron/Hermione Are Together But it Shouldve Been Harry And Luna!

  94. 97

    Krista said,

    hey!!!!! my favorite hp character (right now) is SNAPE!!!!!! i cried when i read about his life and i well (sniff sniff) never thought snape was evil because i mean its J.K. Rowling we are talking about here people and she knows how to mix things up!!!

    SNAPE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

  95. 98

    Annepoes said,

    I am OK, with HARRY marrying GINNY… at first I thaught that HERMIONIE would get HARRY… but now I now that it is GINNY. HERMIONIE marries RON to. I LOVE HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Annepoes XXX
    (The URL, is my blog, please viset it! I have had NO comments! I only started it not that long ago but…)

  96. 99

    Annepoes said,

    ) Can you tell me the other smilies????

  97. 100

    tonks+lupin said,

    krista’s right about snape… when i read about his past… suddenly i started to feel so sad… it’s so unfair… he lived all of his life for the woman he loved!!!

    i mean…that’s why he tells harry to look into his eyes in the moment he’s dying…to see lily’s eyes!!!!

    but then …i like the fact that the second son of harry was named after him!!! and besides…harry tells to him that he was the bravest man that he had ever known!!!! but when harry arrived to the headmaster’s office after defeating Voldemort…i think that it should have been a picture of snape with all the other headmasters…

    but that’s what I think

    any pictures



  98. 101

    Redundant Redundant Redundant said,

    Lord Voldemort shall return
    Lord Voldemort shall return
    Lord Voldemort shall return

  99. 102

    woOw this persons are really really goOd i like a lot because she is beautiful and he is verry handsome wooOW but he is my…….

    snape is a bad teacher

  100. 103

    ginnyandhermione said,

    i don’t think luna marries that perosn i thought she marries neville longbottom
    and i am so happy cho chang marries a muggle because she is a freak!

  101. 104

    ginnyandhermione said,

    i think draco marries pansy parkinson because in the third book onward she was always with him and in the sixth book she was stroking his hair

  102. 105

    ginnyandhermione said,

    pansy parkinson also went to the yule ball with draco malfoy

  103. 106

    Merah (AKA Harry Potter FANATIC) said,

    ok, u people are crazy! Harry and Ginny were meant for each other. If u read the books carefully, it has clues tht they like each other. and Cho wasnt hte one tht snitched, it was her friend, Marrietta Edgecomb, and she and Harry broke up coz they had an arguement on tht. cho defended marrietta, harry defended hermione, and they just broke up. hermione was the right one for ron, always, i thought hope was lost in the 6th book when ron starts snoggin lavender brown, but, never underestimate jk rowling! i think its sweet harry and ginny name their children:
    James Sirius
    Albus Severus
    and Lily Luna.

    its a real sign of loyalty, but the last chapter (19 years later) sucks! the only thing i like is when ginny says, ‘james, remember to give neville our love’ and james replies, ‘MOM! i cant give a professor love, i mean, i do know him, but at school, he’s professor longbottom, honestly, mom, wht do you think i shud do? just walk in to herbology and say ‘ i love you neville?’

    but i think tht luna and neville shud have gotten married and have 1 child and lots of plants and animals like ‘mimbelus mimbeltonia (nevilles favourate plant)’ and ‘crumple-horned snorkack (luna’s favourate creature)’

  104. 107

    carla said,

    i dont like that harry likes genny i want him to go with hermione not genny !!!!!!

  105. 108

    Sahi Brown said,

    Hi, Harry and ginny forever, they are the two perfect in the books and the movies! I runing the book 6… The kiss is… Very goog.
    Giiny is beautiful and Harry is…
    Sohi Brown

  106. 109

    book worm said,

    I think that it was so obvious that Harry would marry Ginny although I would have liked Harry to marry Hermionie but i was obvious that she would marry Ron hellooooooooo Hermionie and Ron were always arguing (that a sign they like each other)Hemionie was jelous wen ron went out with lavender and ron was jelous of vicktor dum! although cho was pretty she was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to emotional i think that is so tight that tonks and lupin had to die and i agreed with what harry thinks in the 6th book that Tonks had loved sirius because she was so miserable right after he died and was super shocked that that she loved lupin instead i felt so sorry for poor teddy when his parents died daaaamn old snake face (voldermort) i wondered if somebody could tell me this infomation
    who dingbat (malfoy) marries?
    who neville marries?
    who luna marries?
    who els dies exept lupin, tonks, fred and colin creevy?
    also why did harrys mum marry his dad when she hated him at school?

    i think that harry should have had a twin sister it would make things so much cooler and if her hair changed colour depending on how she felt and really setting on fire if she was really really angry (i would lov it if malfoy broke his nose or jaw a few times a year) and she had been living right across the road since forever and she was treated just like harry was at school but did something really funny to whoever was horrible to her

    i would just love it if harry had another aunt who married voldermort and made him harrys uncle that would be so dramatic (i love anything dramatic) and voldermort killed her when he found out she was harrys aunt i would also like to know what happens with the dursleys and what happpen to them (i hope voldermort found them and killed them)

    i think that voldermort should have a son that carries on his work when hes old enough and tires to do the same to harrys kids as his dad did to harry but vodermorts kid should be the same age as harry ans that harrys 3 kids have to defeat voldermorts son with their parents and their and their parents friends (and harrys twin sister is she existed)

    i hope anyone that know jk rowling will pass these ideas on to her

    and will someone plz respond to me on this chat board or send me a e-mail at jodie.tweddell@hotmail.com and tell me what you think of my ideas or tell me your ideas yourself.

  107. 111

    GinnyPotter4eva said,

    Hi to everyone who hasn’t read the books cho wasn’t the snitch!!! It wz her friend Marrietta who told by choice. cz her mum worked at the minestry. Harry n cho broke up cz harry called marrietta a snitch n cho stuk up 4 her n then hated harry. plus wt happened to the port-a-swamp that the twins were supposed to dump in the 5th book that would be awesome!!! Fred died when the wall exploded in the 7th one it must have been an evil curse or something!!! Lily got with James when he stopped being an idot in their 7th year. i reckon neville got with luna and malfoy with pansey but i dunno. i though that ron should be with hermione since i read the first book cz they always seem to annoy eachother bt they still love eachother!!! harry n ginny were great together cz she always stuck up 4 him even against ron!!! i wz sooooo happy when ron said that harry could go out with ginny!!!! i thoughthat they should get together sine the seond book!!! hehe cz she wz always so shy n when she seemed to forget about him i always hoped 4 the best!!!!!

  108. 112

    bobella said,

    Harry and Ginny ’till the end! I loved how Ron and Hermione were together FINALLY! Cho sux and Ginny rules. I thought that harry and ginny would marry and so would ron and hermione so they could all be family since the third book!

  109. 113

    rainbow gal said,

    OMG!! i fell in love with the harry potter books the second i started reading them and finished them allwithin 6 days!! i am now readin them for the 3rd time because they’re soooooo good!!!!
    i love it when ginny and harry kiss for the first time and practically cry when harry breaks up with her “for her own good”i mean how stupid, i wanted ginny to go with harry, ron and hermione in the 7th book.
    these are the best books i’ve ever read and i absolutely love J.K Rowling!!!
    i cry whenever i read the last book, i hate it that fred dies he was soooo funny, how is george meant to carry on running “weasleys wizard wheezes” without his twin?!?! if someone had to die why couldnt it be percy??? and when tonks and lupin are lying there dead i cry for hours on end, i dont think i’ll ever be the same again!!!!
    i love you J.K Rowling but i wish that you would write more books!!!! and i love harry potter himself(even if he is fictional, he will always be real to me!!) and i think that harry and ginny are the perfect couple so stop dissing them:if harry married hermione then who would ron marry. it just fits that harry and ginny are together!!!!! I LOVE ALL THEM FELLOW HARRY POTTER FANS FOREVER!!!!!!

  110. 114

    RAINBOW GAL said,

    whoever “me love harry potter” is i soo agree he is totally buff! and would love to go out with him!!! and i screamed aswell when they kissed(my mum told me off cause my little bro was in bed, haha) i think that they are the perfect couple and would love to be ginny can’t wait for the last two films, in soooooooo excited and i’m really hiper. love you harry potter for ever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooooooo good looking!!! y dream date.

  111. 115

    harry should have ended up with hermione .but giny is also gud .shez better than cho.omg i hate her in the movie

  112. 116

    Tommy said,

    I love Daniel, Emma,Rupert,Bonnie, and everyone in “Harry Potter”, Please send my message to them, and i want to say that: I love you 🙂
    I’m a Vietnamese

  113. 117

    Ginny said,

    I LOVE HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not

  114. 118

    La LoQuEs said,

    At the end harry stays with the china, I say this because I read the last book.:)

  115. 119

    harryholic said,

    i was never in reading Harry potter’s books but when i first red The Goblet of fire i became adicted to it i could.nt stop reading it, i red all the books and i just finisher reading harry potter and the deathly hollows and i loved it. but at the end harry stays with Ginny
    im from Curacao so my english is not that good!

  116. 120

    fan of harryan other characters rosy said,

    i love ginny and harry pairing up but in the start i really wanted hermione to end up with harry but ginny and harry look pretty adorable together i am very happy with thrm both pairing but pretty sad that fred died!he missed his sis and bro getting married!byez!lol!! I LOVE HARRY! WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I EVEN HAD A CRUSH ON HIM NOT ANYMORE!!!LOLZ!

  117. 121

    I said,

    i 1st read harry potter in the 3rd grade b/c everyone else was reading it and i wanted to feel smart…i didnt get it then

    and now i do and i think is cool

    i wasnt suprised about the turnout, i was kinda expecting it i guess

  118. 122

    We know about:


    and Loona+Goyle!!!!


    If you agree or disagree please visit me at:

  119. 123

    öznr said,

    seni seviyorum harry

  120. 124

    LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Visit me at:


  121. 125

    wooo!!!! setuju banget tuh klo si harry kawin ma ginny!! si ginny tuh cantik banget!!!

  122. 126

    ginnyandhermione said,

    i totally disagree with CONTINUATION !!!!!!!!!! cho is with a muggle! draco is with pansy!!!!!!!! luna is with neville! crabbe is dead!! i do not know who goyle is with i don’t know , but not luna! luna and neville were ment for each other!

  123. 127

    Harry lover said,

    I totally agree with ginnyandhermione!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The best couple is Harry and Ginny!

    Did you guys see the website :O!!! Totally see it!


  124. 128

    nia said,

    i LOVE harry potter so much i wish there were more books the new harry potter movie comes out in Septermber of 2008 i cant wait i hope it’s just like the movie not like the 5th movie that one left out quidditch that was a drag!

    HARRY POTTER RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  125. 129

    mark said,

    Is it sick that after reading the books, i too have fallen in love with ginny, subsequently then developing a crush on Bonnie Wright…? I need help, but if Bonnie reads this and decides to come to Sydney,Australia in particular Cronulla, I promose to take you out to a lovely seafood dinner and pay and…and you can be assured i will call you back the next day…

  126. 130

    Rose Dawson said,

    I LOVE Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasly there both Beautiful,fun,clever,snappy,slightly ditzy and unique peeps!
    wats more to love?

  127. 131

    Rose Dawson said,

    BTW Cho is a slut. she dosent deserve our dashing Harry. Let her go about her buissness with Michael Corner

  128. 132

    Rose Dawson said,

    i LOVE THE TITANIC!!!!!!!!!!
    AND I KNOW THIS IS TODALLY OFF TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BUT WHO CARES!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. 133

    janella said,

    i don’t want harry to marry ginny!!!…
    well,i want hermoine…hermione?..
    well,hermoine is too smart if you compare it with ginny….
    and to pretty…and hermione is a kind girl…
    harry marry ginny???~~!!!!
    it was so disgusting!!!!!!
    i want hermoine but i want harry and hermoine!!!!
    i will cheer fpr them!!!

  130. 134

    janella said,

    i really had a crush on harry
    and hermoine and harry was so sweet…
    i know they love each other….
    i want harry to kiss hermoine!!
    pls.! im begging harry!

  131. 135

    janella said,

    harry and ginny!!!!!lose!
    ..all i want to say to ginny is…
    ginny give hermoine a chance!
    give harry to hermoine!

  132. 136

    jovie said,

    I like this story because its very nice and good end with Ginny and potter be a family and love can lose everythings.

  133. 137

    megan said,

    Hey!the 7th as come out now you should update it!and so as the mivie!but for some stubit resone the 6th mive as not come out yet so up dat this now!

  134. 138

    Sorry janella, but Hermione Granger is one of my best friends.

    I can’t marry her. She is like my sister nothing more.
    (we get along way too well!) On the other hand Ron and Hermione always used to fight (a lot) and they see good in each other.
    I guess I am very glad that they got married. 🙂

    They are my BEST friends that have stayed with me trough the darkest and deepest times.
    Not everyone gets such true friends as mine. don’t you think?

  135. 139

    huh/////?\\\\\ said,

    Ok… I mean I think It was obvious that Ron and Hermione ended up together. Because in the fourth book, Ron got jealous about Hermione going to the ball with Krum. And I hermione was all like “Next time get up the courage to ask me before some one else does. And not as a last resort!” I totally knew that they were going to be a couple starting with that.
    Harry and Ginny…. I don’t know. They just clicked! I love them together. Even though at first I thought it was a little odd, but I started imagining what that would look like in a movie and then I decided that they were cute.
    Ginny and Harry forever!!!!!!!!

  136. 140

    ginnyandhermione said,

    THAT WAS SUCH A GOOD IMITATION OF HARRY POTTER!!!! i agree majorly with “mr. harry james potter” ….. he did a really good job of sayiing what he thought (even though i sound lame right now u get what i mean?)

  137. 141

    HPFan said,

    Oh, yes, they did click! I was sooo upset when they broke up in the, what, sixth book!

  138. 142

    Anna said,

    I’m very love harry potter..

  139. 145

    septimadewiputripermatasari33 said,

    hello I’m septima I’d love too with both of them! BUT why does Hermione With Ron?????? didn’t with HARRY???

    • 146

      cho chang said,

      year i thourt so too i don’t get it shoulden’t hermine be with harry not ron but dose any one know cho chang’s boyfriends name? becase when me and my friends play harry potter we always preted that the boyfriends are there!!

      cfrom cho chang

  140. 147

    danemma said,

    i say is that is so not cool that ginny and harry are together ang ron and hermione
    it should be hermione and harry don’t you think?

    • 148

      laetitia said,

      year i realy think that harry and hermine should be together but i realy don’t think
      ron and ginny should be together because they are brother and sister………
      well you can’t cange it because harry and ginny and hermine and ron are together
      ………………………….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      from cho fan laetitia

    • 149

      cho chang said,

      hi,year i think that harry and hermine should be together but i don’t think that ron and ginny should be together……………. because there brother and sister but you can’t cange it ……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. 150

    danemma said,


  142. 151

    ginnyandhermione said,

    HPFan says it all….when they broke up in the sixth book i was sooo sad…but they got back together and thats all that matters

  143. 152

    jalsa said,

    HARRY YOUR NAME……………..

  144. 153

    Rebecca said,

    I think Harry and Ginny make a great couple, but I never thought they would end up together. I always thought Harry and Hermione would get together. It makes sense though because Harry looks like his dad and Ginny has red hair like his mom. HARRY AND GINNY =)

  145. 154

    ginny+harry said,

    Harry and Ginny make a great couple. I never thought they would end up together, but they really care about eachother. I never thought that Harry would feel the same way that Ginny felt for him. I didn’t think Ron and Hermione would end up together either. I thought Harry and Hermione would end up together.

  146. 155

    laetitia said,

    CHO fan laetitia
    hi so i’ve just finished school and i realy like harry potter but i think that cho chang is realy cool. At school me and my friends always play harry potter i’m always watching harry potter to.So i can so not wate to see the new harry potter movie

    from cho fan laetitia

  147. 156

    cho chang said,

    i realy love titanic tooo

  148. 157

    cho chang said,

    hi whell i still don’t now cho’s boyfriends name but thats all right well i really don’t get how ron and hermine can be together but why can’t harry and hermine be together.Well every sunday or saturday i will go to the sutheerland movie store
    and get a harry poter movie i’m up to harry poter and the goblen of fire i think
    cho chang is on itthat is what i’ve been hereing but it mite not be true!!

    from cho chang

  149. 159

    cho chang said,

    hi well its tuseday and i think i know cho chang’s boy friends name i think it’s headrick or ceadrick i think on of those well……………..i can’t think of whot to
    say but i was just waching harry potter and the goblen of fire and it was on cast and crew and i coulden’t get the that game but i realy like the movie anyway
    tomorow i’m going to ymca at carringbar and i’m going to talk about cho chang
    like i did on monday and at home i just play onmy nintendo ds and i got a new
    nintendo game and it’s called barbie and the 12 dancing prinecess and level
    1,2,3 and 4 is esay but level 5,6,7,8,9 and the other levels are hard but it’s cool next week i’m going to a friends party and were seeing harry potter and the
    half boold prince and then we are going back to here place and opening her presents and then having the cake and doing some other stuff andgoing to bed

    from cho chang

  150. 160

    cho chang said,

    hi,i’m just sitting here playing on the computer

    from cho chang

  151. 161

    Jone said,

    I am very satisfied for the result of story.This is because I very like the character Ginny who are very preety and mature.When I know Harry was married with Ginny..I really feel very happy.

  152. 162

    Lauren said,

    A) Cho was not the snitch, Marrietta was. They used Veritaserium on HER. B) All of you who are saying, “Cho, Cho, Cho!” GET A GRIP! She was a whiny little b**** from the beginning (sorry). Harry’s too simple for that. I never hated Cho, but I hated her for him from the beginning. Now, Ginny, that’s my kind of girl. Strong, stubborn, brave and able to take care of herself. Seriously. Awesome ending!

  153. 163

    ginny said,

    keren bgt soory gag pake bhs inggris soalya gag biasa hhhhh keren dech film harry potter

  154. 164

    ginnyandhermione said,

    hey how did u guys like the half blood prince movie?

  155. 165

    Dror H. said,

    I think that from the beginning of the series there are clues that Harry and Ginny would be together.

  156. 166

    mithun said,

    my name is mithun
    my friend nam [bharath.jaysosoney.arjuun.pavan.pradeep.praveen

  157. 167

    Masozi Ngosi said,

    Ginny and Harry are naturals, I saw signs from Ginny when Harry eloped to the Weasleys in the chamber of secrets.

  158. 168

    HEdwig said,

    okay harry and ginny so cute! how could you no love it and you knew it had to happen. ginny has loved harry for ever! harry was just too dum to realize it! and then he finally does! YES! and harry and hermione sorry just friends always will be… hernione and ron…? uum duh! hopefully you all read the last book! because it does happen and they all live happily ever after!

  159. 169

    Jessie said,

    Nice I am on goblet of fire.

  160. 170

    angelique said,

    i had wished & thought that harry would fall for hermione over the years. but i guess i was wrong.

  161. 172

    Bubbles said,

    i love the h.p books i am on the 7th one

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