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What dancing is for me…

well… i’ve been a dancer since.. uhmm… way back when i was super young… me and my friends would always have a special number during special ocassions like birthday parties, christmas parties, etc… but at that time.. i didn’t really take dancing seriously… it was just like a hobby for me… everytime i dance, my relatives would always cheer me on… they keep on supporting me along the way…

but anyways… i still didn’t go to a dance school… for dancing is not really my passion… i sing but it’s still not how i see myself in the future…

i’ve been a cheerdancer when i was in second year but decided not to join the group in our junior year… but then i joined dance competitions to represent the school… ahehehe… anyways… this year, i decided to join again, partly because it’s our last year in high school and partly because i want to dance again…

dancing for me.. now that i’m a fourth year student is:

1.) a form of expressing yourself (more like in the part of the choreographer)
2.) a form of exhausting yourself (hehehe…)
3.) self torture (specially the stretches, push ups and sit ups.. owch!)
4.) excercise (kind of… hehe…)
5.) relieving stress (kasi nadadagdagan ng bagong stress so nakakalimutan yung previous na stress… hehehe…)
6.) bonding (mas magiging close sa friends kasi damaydamay sa moves)
7.) a form of giving happiness (epecially when you’ve memorized all the steps or when you’ve completed the whole routine)

anyways.. up to here nalang…



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